Work with our natural environment

Conservation, agriculture, vet science, and earth science 

Want to work in the great outdoors?

You don’t have to be a farmer to work in this diverse sector. From agriculture and horticulture, forestry and fisheries, to dairy farming or biosecurity, you can build a career that gets you outside.

Cutting-edge tech is transforming this industry, and you could find yourself monitoring herds via drone, investigating marine stocks via mini-sub, or developing crops that feed more people with less drain on resources. Mining and resources careers are also found in this sector.

Engage and conserve our environment

Contribute to food security and agriculture

Maximise our natural resources in earth science


Industry Outlook

Environmental Careers

The mining, agricultural and resources industries are growing and provide a vital role in supporting our nation. 

Sector-wide, we’ve seen an increase in technology-driven roles as industry seeks to automate and increase production, and that’s where many of the opportunities are.

Demand for roles like agricultural and forestry scientists, remote monitoring and sensing technologists, and ecologists will be strong for the years to come. 

Strong future growth is also expected for operators in agriculture, forestry and horticulture too, but requires lower skill levels (meaning anyone could gain work in the industry).

Skills and Attributes

About you

This industry is highly dependant on technology, and your career could potentially lead in many different directions. Expect to work hard, adapt to challenges, and proactively address issues before the arise. 

You’ll need to keep up with change – as this industry goes through an immense period of innovation and diversification you’ll need to think on your feet and grab opportunities where you can. 


You'll need to be a resilient self-starter who's capable of getting their hands dirty

Strong Organisational Skills

Expect to manage your own time and plan in advance, and you could expect to work autonomously

Cultural and Environmental Awareness

We share our land with all kinds of people and ecosystems, and you'll need to be sensitive to multiple needs

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