Make a difference

Medicine, nursing, dentistry, allied health, and pharmacy

Start a rewarding career in healthcare

Want to give back and help others? Interested in testing yourself and building diverse skills?

Then consider a career in healthcare. Whether you choose to become a nurse, doctor, or other health practitioner, you’ll spend your days helping people in need, working with your hands and thinking on your feet.

You could become a leading specialist and find cures for serious illnesses, help heal injuries as a physiotherapist, become a mental health professional and help people who need support, and your career would allow you to travel and provide aid in locations across the globe.


Care for patients and promote good health

Prepare and deliver treatments for patients

Research new cures, and protect the population


Industry Outlook

Health Careers

With an ageing ‘baby boomer’ population and a growing younger generation, demand for healthcare workers is strong across the board.

As we deal with COVID, doctors, nurses and medical professionals are more in-demand than ever before. You could find yourself working on new vaccines, managing illness in the community, or promoting healthy habits. 

Health Careers

Skills and Attributes

About you

Caring for the health of others takes compassion, patience, and a good dose of common sense. People who thrive in this profession enjoy the challenges that come with working with a variety of people from all walks of life and in all kinds of situations, and if this doesn’t sound like you then you might want to consider another career.

In fact, some universities are now testing potential students’ emotional intelligence, as well as their academic performance.


Many healthcare roles require you to be physically active, and you could find yourself facing uncomfortable situations

Teamwork and Collaboration

Healthcare workers usually operate in teams, so you'll need to be able to communicate well and cooperate with others


You'll need to be able to remain calm under pressure, and respond the needs of your patience who may not be on the same schedule as you

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