serve and entertain

Hospitality, retail, tourism, travel, and events 

Give people an experience they'll remember

Hospitality, Retail, Tourism & Travel is all about showing people a wonderful time – whether it’s a nice meal or the trip of a lifetime, you’ll be making a difference in a way that’s memorable.

And with these indispensable skills, you could work anywhere in Australia or around the world, giving you the chance to experience other cultures, climates and locations.

Connect customers with goods and services

Feed and entertain customers

Create new experiences at home, and away

Hospitality and retail

Industry Outlook

Hospitality Careers

Demand for roles in these industries fluctuates quite a bit, so be prepared to be flexible and go where the work is. 

Consider up-skilling in between periods of work, and look for self-employment opportunities. 

While many of these roles don’t offer the stability of roles in some other industries, they offer other lifestyle benefits which will suit some people. 

Retail Careers

Skills and Attributes

About you

You’ll need confidence, determination, and self-discipline to thrive in this industry. You may be required to work in challenging conditions and face uncomfortable situations, but the rewards can be great. 

Teamwork and Collaboration

Expect to work in teams and you'll need strong communication skills to ensure you understand what's expected of you


You'll need to be a resilient self-starter who's capable of getting their hands dirty

Open to Challenge

Not all roles in this industry require physical fitness, but almost all roles will see you face opposition, unusual hours, and challenging conditions

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