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Science, technology, mathematics, and engineering 

Around three quarters of future jobs will need STEM skills

One thing is certain – we don’t know what the future has in store. That being said, choosing a career in STEM means you’re facing the future head-on.

You could find yourself working on space programs as we explore our universe, developing cutting-edge technology that saves lives, solving complex problems, converting raw data into usable information, or even designing the buildings and machines of tomorrow.

Investigate and experiment to find new solutions

Create the world you’d like to live in

Share your ideas with the STEM community


Industry Outlook

Math Careers

Engineers, Scientists, Mathematicians and Technologists are required in all parts of society, from manufacturing new goods and developing new medical breakthroughs, to designing transport solutions and discovering new resources.

Most roles in STEM are in strong demand, so the future is bright if you choose to study in this field. Expect to follow opportunities and carve your own path. 

Science Careers

Skills and Attributes

About you

STEM workers all have one thing in common – a thirst for knowledge and discovery. Problem solving skills are a must, as is following procedures to ensure things are done well (with safety in mind).

All STEM fields require good mathematics and analytical skills, as well as a mix of sciences including physics, chemistry, biology, metallurgy, geology and more. If you like learning and applying your knowledge to solve problems, then a career in STEM is for you.

Analytical Skills

Be prepared to think critically about what you know, and expect to analyse the results of your experiments

Thirst for Knowledge

This industry is evolving fast, so you can expect to keep learning and upskilling throughout your career


You'll need drive and strength to see projects through to completion

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