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Lab Technician

How to become a Lab Technician

Assisting in the running and functions of laboratories   What do Lab Technicians do?   Lab Technician roles can vary hugely depending on the industry and organisation you’re employed with. You could be carrying out tests and experiments, providing support and assisting with research and design, production or teaching. You might also be responsible for …

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How to become an Executive Assistant

How to become an Executive Assistant

At the heart and soul of organisations, boosting productivity   What do Executive Assistants do?   Executive Assistants plays an important role within a business team. Their main function is to support and organise more senior staff by carrying out a variety of tasks. From managing an executive’s diary and schedule, to coordinating executive board …

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How to become an IT Support Officer

How to become an IT Support Officer

Diagnose and resolve hardware and software issues for computer users   What do IT Support Officers do?   IT Support Officers provide help and advice to people and organisations to sort out their computer software and equipment problems and requirements. From setting up, installing technology and software, to troubleshooting. Updating, servicing, and maintaining IT equipment. …

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How to become a Curator

How to become a Curator

Grow and preserve valuable collections, create memorable experiences   What do Curators do?   Curators are responsible for the collections in Museums, Art Galleries, or other cultural and research institutions. In this job you could be finding and buying new items, cleaning artefacts, finding ways to preserve exhibits, as well as creating displays the most …

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How to become an Occupational Health & Safety Officer

How to become an Occupational Health & Safety Officer

Helping to make workplaces safer environments for everyone   What do Occupational Health & Safety Officers do? Occupational or Workplace Health & Safety Officers (OHS / WHS) manage workplace risks for everyone from workers to customers, visitors and suppliers. They may be advising organisations on health and safety improvements and regulations; training employees and workers, …

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Top 10 Job Spotlights of 2020

Top 10 Job Spotlights of 2020

Each week at Study Work Grow, we research and compile a Job Spotlight. They’re designed to help you explore careers. From the skills that may be required, to a short look at what each job involves, the qualifications required, other pathways that could get you the job, as well as the salary you could expect …

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How to become a Conservationist

How to become a Conservationist

What do Conservationists do?   Conservationists work to protect the environment, from specific places, to biological life of all kinds, as well as entire ecosystems. Employed in a wide range of disciplines Conservationists focus on preserving and saving life for future generations and to benefit the ecology or our planet’s health. If you are passionate, …

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How to become an Engineer

How to become an Engineer in Australia

What do Engineers do?   Engineers are professionals who invent, design, analyse, build, and test machines, systems, structures, data systems and materials to fulfil objectives. As Engineer you could be developing solutions to technical problems, developing new products, or fixing things. Using knowledge of science and maths to bridge the gap between scientific discoveries and …

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How to become a Scrum Master

How to become a Scrum Master

What do Scrum Masters do?   Scrum Masters are important within Project Management teams who use “Scrum”  frameworks when they’re working on complex projects that can change a lot during their progress (e.g. Agile Software Development). Scrum Masters manage communications between team members and departments, provide focus and clarity, and remove obstacles and distractions to …

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How to become a Zookeeper

How to become a Zookeeper

What do Zookeepers do? Zookeepers care for animals living in captivity and on display to the public for the purposes of conservation and education. They carry out the jobs associated with the animals daily care including feeding and training.  They’re also responsible for keeping enclosures clean and stimulating, supporting breeding programmes and helping to carry …

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How to become a Veterinary Nurse

How to become a Veterinary Nurse

What do Vet Nurses do? Vet Nurses support Veterinarians providing medical care to any animals that come into the clinic. The job involves undertaking a range of diagnostic tests, medical treatments and even some minor surgical procedures (under veterinary instruction), as well as educating and supporting owners on maintaining the health of their pets. If …

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Careers for creative people

Careers for creative people

Creativity noun “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.” Creativity, imagination, artist ability, inventiveness, originality, expressiveness. If any of these words describe skills that you’re strongest or most passionate about, then a career in art and design could be worth exploring.   What are some careers for creative personalities?   There …

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How to become a Legal Secretary

How to become a Legal Secretary

What do Legal Secretaries do?   Legal Secretaries carry out administrative and clerical tasks that help legal professionals to work more efficiently and effectively. If you’re interested in working in the legal industry, you’re discreet, organised and a good communicator, working as a Legal Secretary could be a career to consider. About you: Excellent written …

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How to become an Aged Care Worker

How to become an Aged Care Worker

What do Aged Care Workers do?   Aged Care workers help elderly people to live in happiness, comfort, and with dignity. By helping them to carry out activities and personal tasks they’d be unable to do – or struggle with – by themselves. If you’ve got bucket-loads of compassion and patience, and you’re looking for …

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How to become a Correctional Officer

How to become a Correctional Officer

What do Correctional Officers do?   Correctional Officers (sometimes called Prison Officers) work in prisons and other correctional or detention institutions. They’re responsible for supervising and controlling the activities of inmates, as well as carrying out other functions such as educational and rehabilitation programs. If you enjoy working with people, are able to remain calm …

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How to become a Human Resources Manager

How to become a Human Resources Manager

What do Human Resource (HR) Managers do?   HR Managers are responsible for overseeing the organisation of the workforce in businesses and organisations. If you’re good at multi-tasking, non-judgemental and able to take a balanced approach to situations then working as an HR Manager could be a rewarding career for you.   About you: Efficient, …

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How to become a Bus Driver

How to become a Bus Driver

What do Bus Drivers do?   Bus Drivers are responsible for safely driving public or private buses along pre-determined routes, stopping at scheduled locations (and times) to pick-up and drop-off passengers. If you get along well with anyone, have a great sense of direction and would be confident behind the wheel of a large vehicle, …

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How to become a Teacher’s Aide

How to become a Teacher’s Aide

What do Teacher’s Aides do?   Teacher’s Aides work in classrooms supporting teachers to deliver lessons by preparing resources, supervising, and looking after students wellbeing helping them work towards their learning goals, as well as carrying out a variety of other general tasks. If you enjoy working with children, are patient, organised and fun-loving, this …

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How to become a Registered Nurse

How to become a Registered Nurse

What do Registered Nurses do?   Registered Nurses (RN’s) support doctors and patients by providing high-level care to patients in hospitals, aged care and other facilities, even within the community. If you’re caring, compassionate as well as level-headed and practical, then nursing could be a rewarding career to consider. About you: You’ll need to be …

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How to become a Cleaner

How to become a Cleaner

What do Cleaners do?   Cleaners perform different functions that keep a variety of environments dust, dirt, and germ free depending on what’s required. If you’re good at managing your time, punctual and trustworthy, looking for a career where you’re on the go all the time and able to work on your own or as …

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How to become a Pathology Collector

How to become a Pathology Collector

What do Pathology Collectors do?   Pathology Collectors (also known Phlebotomists – who generally only collect blood samples) collect samples of fluids and tissues from patients that could help diagnose illnesses and other issues. They’re also responsible for storing and preparing the samples for transport to pathology labs for processing and analysis. If you’re good at …

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How to become a Picker and Packer

How to become a Picker and Packer

What do Pick Packers do? Picker and Packers (also known as Pick Packers) generally work in warehouse environments for retail, logistics, wholesale or manufacturing. They pull merchandise from the shelves and packers prepare items for shipping. If you’re organised, physically fit and interested in a career that’s face paced and will keep you active, then working as a Pick …

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How to become a UX Designer

How to become a UX Designer

What do UX Designers do? It’s a UX (“User Experience”) Designers job to create easy, efficient, relevant, pleasant experiences for the end-user. UX Design can be applied to any product or service from websites to vegetable peelers, or even a visit to the local supermarket. If you’re practical but creative, have great all-round communication skills …

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How to become a bartender

How to become a Bartender

What do Bartenders do?   Bartenders prepare, create and serve all kinds of drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) for bar-goers in a wide range of settings from pubs and hotels, to cruise liners and airplanes. If you’re friendly and outgoing, flexible with your work hours, love people and have a great memory, this could be the …

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How to become a Manager

How to become a Manager

What do Managers do?   Managers coordinate and organise business activities to ensure that objectives, goals, missions, visions and values are met. To work in a career at this level you’ll need to wear many hats and have strengths in both administrative and leadership roles. Management can be split into three tiers: Upper Management – in …

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How to become a Costume Designer

What do Costume Designers do?   Costume Designers design and create costumes for actors in film, television and on stage. They enhance authenticity and encourage imagination by creating costumes accurate to individual settings and time periods. Costume Designers also design costumes for fancy dress and specific events (e.g. Halloween) and sold in retail outlets. Are …

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How to become a Salesperson

How to become a Salesperson

What do Salespeople do?   Vital for the growth of organisations, Salespeople increase revenue, help to drive and build brand reputation, develop strong long-term customer relationships, increase client loyalty and satisfaction. They are often trusted advisors as they have close connections to customers and can find out what they like or need or where services …

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How to become an Interpreter

What do Interpreters do?   Interpreters understand and translate text or speech into a different language. Often, they work in real time, providing instantaneous translation between parties. They can work in settings such as business, legal, and community. If you have great communication skills, speak another language fluently and have a passion for helping people, …

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How to become a Graphic Designer

What do Graphic Designers do?   Graphic Designers create and design visual branding for their clients, such as logos, packaging designs, layouts, advertisements and more. They work with a variety of mediums, including drawing, photography and digital media. If you are creative with an eye for design, love working with technology and have good customer …

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How to become an Administrator

How to become an Administrator

What do Administrators do? Administrators are the work-horses providing essential support to teams or individuals in business environments. It’s a role that’s vital to the success and smooth-running of organisations. Traditional duties may include fielding phone calls, receiving and directing visitors, word processing, creating spreadsheets and presentations, scheduling, bookkeeping, organising travel and filing. There are many …

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How to become an Online Tutor

What do Online Tutors do?   Online Tutors help students improve in their chosen subject area. They teach a huge variety of subjects, such as maths, music or languages, or they can help students with more general things like forming good study habits. Tutoring online gives you the ability to engage with students from across …

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How to become an Entrepreneur

How to become an Entrepreneur

What do Entrepreneurs do? Entrepreneurs are people who come up with an original idea or solution, launch it, grow it and possibly even sell it before moving on to their next project. They are prepared to do whatever it takes in order to make their businesses a success. There are many types of entrepreneurs and …

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How to become a Fashion Stylist

What do Fashion Stylists do?   Fashion stylists provide fashion advice. They may be responsible for choosing and co-ordinating clothes for models on photo shoots, or actors in tv and film productions. Or, as a Fashion stylist you might be hired by individuals to create a wardrobe that flatters them and suits their lifestyle and professional needs. …

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How to become a Business Development Manager

What do Business Development Managers (BDM) do?   Business Development Managers (BDM) are responsible for researching new leads, creating contacts and building strong relationships with both existing and potential new clients. They’ll arrange appointments for sales executives to swoop in and make a sale based on the foundations laid by the efforts of the BDM. …

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How to become a Writer

What do Writers do?   Writers use their knowledge of language to craft original content based on either facts or fiction. They produce text in many formats from blogs, articles and reports, to manuscripts and poems. If you have a good grasp of English language and a creative streak, you’re are persistent and love reading, …

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How to become a Web Designer

What do Web Designers do? Web Designers use a range of skills to build, redesign and maintain websites for their clients. Using both creative and technical skills they generate websites that are functional, meet the needs of different businesses and organisations, are aesthetically appealing and user friendly. If you’re creative with a flair for graphic …

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How to become a Call Centre Agent

What do Call Centre Agents do?   Inbound call centre agents deal with customer calls being made to a business about their products and services. Outbound call centre agents contact consumers and prospective clients on behalf of businesses. If you’re patient, adaptable and have great listening skills this could be great career for you, or …

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How to become a Photographer

What do Photographers do? Photographers are skilled, technical artists who are trained in the use of various kinds of equipment and techniques to produce high quality images of people, landscapes, animals, products and other subjects. If you’re creative with a great eye for composition, and prepared to put in long hours to obtain a single …

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How to become an Auslan Interpreter

What do Auslan Interpreters do?   Australian Sign language (Auslan) interpreters provide communication between hearing and deaf people by converting spoken language into sign language and vice versa. If you love helping people, are good with languages and have a great memory, this could be a rewarding career choice for you. About you: Fluent in …

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How to become a Virtual Assistant

What do Virtual Assistants (VAs) do?   VAs can provide all the services that an office assistant can, from clerical work to social media, marketing, web design and book work to name a few. Particularly in demand from online businesses, entrepreneurs and smaller or mid-size businesses who may not want or have space for the …

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How to become a Bookkeeper

What do Bookkeepers do?   Bookkeeping is one of the oldest professions, put very simply they help businesses keep track of money earned and spent by recording and monitoring daily transactions. (Not to be confused with accountants, who are qualified to provide more services). If you are meticulous, great at problem solving and love numbers, …

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How to become a Dietitian

What do Dietitians do?   Dietitians are healthcare professionals who are qualified in dietetics. They understand how bodies and nutrition work together to provide maximum nourishment and benefit to our bodies. Licensed to assess and diagnose nutritional problems, then treat patients by adjusting their diets and eating habits. If you’re great with people, have a …

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How to become a Social Media Manager

What do Social Media Managers do? Social media managers represent companies and are responsible for generating, curating (selecting, organising and presenting information), editing, posting and managing social media posts and content. If you have a great understanding of lots of different social media platforms, you love learning new things and finding out what makes people …

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How to become a Dog Groomer

What do Dog Groomers do? Dog Groomers care for dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes. Responsible for washing, clipping, grooming and styling their fur, as well as cleaning and clipping their claws helping them live comfortably and look fabulous. If you’re great with human and canine customers, have a steady hand and lots of …

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How to become a Lawyer

What do Lawyers do?   Lawyers inform clients about their legal rights and obligations. Steering individuals, businesses, and government agencies through legal issues and disputes, representing  them in courts and legal communications. If you’re passionate about the law and using your knowledge to help others, and are competitive and committed to working tirelessly for the benefit …

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How to become a Technician

What do Technicians do? Technicians are qualified to perform specialist tasks within their field. Training in the installation, operation and maintenance of specific machines or equipment is often a requirement. There are technicians in almost every industry so their duties and functions vary accordingly. If you’re practical and great at paying attention to details, problem …

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What do Warehouse Workers do?   Warehouse workers perform a variety of jobs from receiving goods and raw materials, to moving them, storing them, checking and updating stock records for discrepancies and damage, writing reports and preparing goods for dispatch elsewhere. If you’ve got great customer service skills and you’re looking to work in a …

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How to become a Pharmacist

What do Pharmacists do? As one of the most trusted professions, a Pharmacist’s job is to prep and provide over-the-counter drugs and fill prescriptions, provide advice about the best medications and treatments for minor ailments, as well as how to safely take medicines. If you pay attention to details, have great communication skills and a …

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What do they do? Sommeliers (also known as wine waiters) are experts in wine. They study everything there is to know about wine from the grapes, regions, and preparation methods to which pairings work well with certain foods. Sommeliers work in fine dining restaurants, hotels, and the retail industry. From serving choosing and serving wines, …

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Professional Tennis Player

What do they do? Professional tennis players follow an international circuit  competing in tennis matches. Entering tournaments, playing in exhibition games, and making business deals including sponsorships and other endorsements. If you’re highly competitive, have a passion for tennis, and are willing to commit to long hours of training, you might have what it takes …

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What do they do? Tattooing is an art that has been practised going back centuries. Tattooists or Tattoo Artists are the creators who may design and then apply the permanent markings or modifications to their customers bodies. If you’re artistic with a steady hand and strong stomach, a career as a tattoo artist could be …

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How to become a Cosmetic Nurse

How to become a Cosmetic Nurse

What do they do? Cosmetic nurses carry out a range of non-surgical procedures including laser treatments, cosmetic injectables, chemical peels and other dermal procedures. If you’re great with people, and love helping people feel their best, a career as a cosmetic nurse could be worth considering. Duties: confirming appointments and greeting patients carrying out initial …

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Toy Designer

What do they do? Toy designers come up with ideas and create prototypes for toys. They’ll often work in teams to develop their own or other people’s ideas. They’re also responsible for ensuring their ideas work and that manufacturable and marketable toys are produced. If you’re creative and artistic with a flair for design and …

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Diving Instructor

What do they do? As a dive instructor you’ll look after, educate, train and assess students or clients who want to become underwater divers. Your job could include teaching free-divers, recreational divers, technical divers and professional divers (military, police, commercial, public safety, and scientific sectors). If you love diving, you’re passionate about the marine environment …

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What do they do? Disc Jockeys, also known as DJs, are artists who play and mix exciting music to live audiences in all kinds of situations and events. They most commonly work in nightclubs, concerts, festivals and on the radio. Working in a radio setting you’d also have to deliver commentary, do interviews, and ensure …

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How to become an Occupational Therapist

How to become an Occupational Therapist

What do they do? Occupational Therapists (OTs) are qualified health professionals who work with people of all ages if they’ve been sick, injured or disabled. OTs help their patients to adapt, develop or improve abilities that allow them to participate better in all aspects of life, e.g. daily tasks, self-care, working and volunteering, as well …

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How to become a Midwife

How to become a Midwife

What do they do? Midwives are healthcare professionals who specialise in pregnancy, labour, and birth, providing antenatal and postnatal advice. They monitor, care for and support women and their babies, as well as their partners and families. Midwives may work in hospitals (in wards, delivery suites, clinics operating theatres, or special baby care units), in the …

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What do they do? Cartographers produce maps, charts and plan. From interactive maps to driving directions, they might be used by individuals, businesses, or specific industries (e.g. oceanographic or military). Although it might sound like a career from centuries gone by, cartographers are more in demand now than ever and jobs are expected to increase …

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Professional Dancer

If you’re physically fit and you have a passion for and background in dance, then life as a professional dancer, or role within the dance industry, could be for you. Career outcomes: Career outcomes within dance can be split into 3 areas including performing, teaching, and roles within the arts and associated organisations. Performers You …

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Renewable Energy Industry

Renewable energy in Australia includes wind power, hydroelectricity, solar, heat pumps, geothermal, wave and solar thermal energy. With Australia set to get 50% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030, thousands of new jobs are set be created in this industry sector. Careers in this industry include research and development, the design, engineering, manufacturing, construction, installation and maintenance …

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A career in Politics

Politics is both an art and science that focuses on people. Politicians and politics are at play in nearly every career and life scenario to some extent. Our daily lives are dictated by rules and laws designed to benefit individuals and develop and maintain flourishing communities and countries.   What type of person would this …

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Intelligence Security Industry

Can you keep a secret? Fancy working in espionage, communication interception, or cryptanalysis? You could be providing early warnings about imminent emergency situations, engaged in crisis management, helping to plan military operations, protecting sensitive information, or working to influence the outcome of important events. Or maybe you’d just like to be a small cog, providing support within …

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Cyber Security

Cyber security helps organisations – small and large – and individuals prevent data breaches, identity theft, malware and ransomware attacks, and aids in risk management. What type of person would this job suit? You’ll need to have great tech skills including system and web application administration, coding, understand the architecture, administration, and management of operating …

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Security Industry

The security industry in Australia generates around $4.5 billion of revenue providing jobs to over 170,000 employees (ASIAL). What type of person would this job suit? You’ll need to be physically fit with good reflexes Possess exceptional emotional intelligence and self-control Be observant, able to remain alert and focused for long periods Be a quick …

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Tourism Industry | Job Spotlight

The tourism industry is huge and diverse, incorporating a vast number of businesses who provide the necessary infrastructure, products and services to support the millions of people travelling around the globe for both leisure and business activities. The World Travel and Tourism Council report from February 2019 reported that in 2018 tourism was the second …

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Hair and Beauty

Working in this industry, you’ll be helping to make people feel good about themselves and improve their confidence. Services could include hair cutting, colouring and styling. Manicures, pedicures, facials, skin treatments, tanning, make-up application, hair removal and non-medical hair restoration techniques. As well as other cosmetic and minor procedures. What type of person would this job suit? You’ll …

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Careers in the construction industry offer plenty of choices. Depending on your qualifications and experience you could get a hands-on trade like plumbing, joinery or carpentry, or you could be a site supervisor or project manager. Construction is a relatively safe bet in terms of job security offering plenty of opportunities to grow your salary …

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Aged Care Industry

There’s more to aged care than just being than being an aged care worker, a rewarding and valuable career itself. This large and growing industry needs all kinds of specialists and other workers to keep it working efficiently. What type of person would this job suit? Most importantly, you should patient and compassionate, and enjoy …

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With the Australian Space Agency (ASA) becoming a reality, careers within the space industry are set to grow in Australia. And you don’t just have to be an astronaut or astronomer to get in on the Space action. Think outside the box, scientists specialising in astrophysics, biology, chemistry, geology, medicine, meteorology, and physics. Technicians in …

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Sport and Fitness

Love exercise and want to have an impact on the health of the nation? A career within the sports or fitness industry offers plenty of variety and opportunities not to take life sitting down.   What type of person would this job suit? You need to be passionate about sport and/or exercise Be a great …

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Landscaping encompasses everything from design and construction to maintenance and management of outdoor environments and all their features – from trees, plants, lawns, water features and irrigation to walls, drives and other constructions. You could specialise in domestic gardens, commercial or industrial landscapes. Within those areas you could specialise further into hardscaping (paving and landscape …

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Childcare / Early Childhood Education

People best suited to a career in early childhood sectors should: Be passionate about working with and caring for children Be able to relate to and communicate with people of all ages. Including babies, infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers, colleagues (senior and junior), parents and other industry professionals Have lots of patience, compassion and creativity Work …

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What type of person would this field suit? You need to be well educated in science You’ll need great dexterity, a steady hand and good hand-to-eye coordination You have to have good people skills, if you want to gain patient’s trust and put them at ease. It’s also necessary for communicating important information in a …

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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers and Drafts people help create the spaces where people live, move, and work. They design, build, operate and maintain all sorts of structures, including roads, ports, railways, mines, dams, structures and more.   What type of person would this job suit? You need to be creative, with an eye for design and strong …

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Public Relations Officer

What do they do? PR Officers (aka chief communications officer or corporate communications officer) are responsible for ensuring that communications within an organisation (between management, employees and shareholders), and outside of the organisation (to existing customers, target audience and press) are both positive and effective. Their job is to make sure that the company’s strategies, …

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Interior Designer

What do they do? Interior Designers plan, design and coordinate the creation or renovation of spaces to live or work in. Incorporating individual clients tastes, as well as functional purpose, into their designs (and budgets). Using elements of design, decoration, safety, traffic flow, building structure, building codes, ergonomics, spatial concepts, and psychology to complete a …

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Air Traffic Controller (ATC)

  What do they do? Responsible for keeping aircrafts, flight crews, and airline passengers safe, Air Traffic Controllers work from control towers, approach control facilities, or route centres. They instruct aircraft when to safely take off or land. Coordinate air traffic patterns to maintain safe distances from other aircraft. Monitor all aircraft to ensure they …

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Physicians and Paediatricians

What do they do? Physicians and Paediatricians (aka specialists, specialist physicians or consultant physicians) are qualified medical doctors who have gone on to complete further training in a medical specialty. Physicians are responsible for diagnosing, treating and managing the medical conditions of adults. Paediatricians do the same thing but work with infants, children and adolescents. They care for difficult, …

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How to become a Surgeon

How to become a Surgeon

What do they do? Surgeons perform surgery to correct deformities, repair injuries, prevent and treat diseases, and improve human functioning and appearance. If you have a steady hand, an inquiring mind, and work well under intense pressure then surgeon might be the career for you.   Duties:  examine patients to determine medical state, necessity of …

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  What do they do? Electricians plan, install, maintain, repair, test and commission electrical and electronic equipment and systems for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes. Everyday Australians wouldn’t have access to the lights, televisions, appliances and equipment that are essential to modern life without them. If you enjoy working with your hands, being out and …

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Youth Worker

  What do they do? Youth Workers are there to support, mentor and engage older children and adolescents (12-25). It’s educating and improving their social development through voluntary participation in activities, games and talks. You’d be working on improving their self-perception, helping them make better choices and contribute positively to society. You could be working …

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How to become a Specialist Doctor

How to become a Specialist Doctor

What do they do? Specialists are fully qualified Medical Doctors who have decided on a particular area of medicine that they are passionate about and would like to focus on within their career. If you’re really interested in a specific area of medicine, have all the qualities of a great Doctor and are committed and …

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How to become a Medical Doctor

How to become a Medical Doctor

What do they do? Doctors are highly qualified and skilled people who diagnose, manage, treat, cure and prevent illness and promote wellness in their patients. There are lots of different types of Doctor, depending on your area of interest and strengths you might like to consider these options – but you won’t have to decide …

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support people to make change in their lives to improve their personal and social well-being

How to become a Social Worker

  What do they do? Social workers help individuals, families and communities to deal with and resolve personal issues and social problems or support them in times of crisis. They deal with people face-to-face and work within policy development, education and research. They can specialise in a wide range of areas including children and family, …

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How to become a Visual Merchandiser

How to become a Visual Merchandiser

What do they do? Visual Merchandisers (VM) play a key role in brand sales strategies by attracting customers into retail settings and maximising sales by creating floor plans and 3D displays that sell the products. Window displays, shop floor, special promotions, shelving layouts and point of sales displays are some of the areas of focus. …

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What do they do?   Carpenters are highly skilled, important within the construction and renovation industries, in both commercial and residential settings. They work with wood in all its forms. From putting up timber frames for buildings, to boat making, creating cabinetry or fine furniture, the scope is very broad. If you’re practical with a …

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trained in the science of how people think, feel, behave and learn

How to become a Psychologist

  What do they do? Psychologists are health professionals who specialise in the treatment of mental health problems and human behaviour. There are lots of different fields of psychology, specialising in different fields. They assess, diagnose, and treat the psychological problems and the behavioural dysfunctions resulting from, or related to physical and mental health. Promote …

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  What do they do? Hairdressers cut or style hair in order to change or maintain a person’s image. This is achieved using a combination of hair colouring, haircutting, and hair texturing techniques. If you like people and get a buzz from helping them look and feel better about themselves. You’ve lots of physical stamina …

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How to become an Architect in Australia

How to become an Architect in Australia

  What do they do? Architects plan, design and review the construction of buildings and spaces. They turn a client’s vision into a reality and provide the ‘map’ for the construction industry to follow. Creative and technical, part Artist and part Engineer. If you have these skills and are passionate about improving the physical and …

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  What do they do? Veterinarians (Vets) are doctors of animal health. They prevent, diagnose and treat diseases and other health issues in animals. Working in small clinics, emergency and specialty hospitals, zoos and aquariums, wildlife parks, universities, research facilities, pet food and drug manufacturing companies, conservation and government organisations. Are you passionate about animals …

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Job Spotlight Lifeguard

      What do they do? Lifeguards are trained rescuers, responsible for the supervision, safety and rescue of swimmers, surfers, and other water sports participants. They work in swimming pools, water parks, spas, beaches, rivers and other aquatic locations. Part amphibious and just love spending time in or on the water? If you have great people skills and …

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Food Technologist

Consider this varied job, allowing you to continually explore and develop new ideas, and combines an interest in food and science What do they do? Food technologists are responsible for the research and development of new food and drink products. They also work to improve the quality of existing products, processes, packaging, storage, and safety of foodstuffs. If …

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Stock Trader

What do they do? Stock Traders (also known as Equity Traders and Stockbrokers), buy or sell stocks, shares, or other securities on the stock exchange on behalf of their clients. Traders use all the information available and speculate the optimum time to buy or sell a share. If you could sell ice to an Eskimo, …

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Job Spotlight Food Industry

What job could you do? When you think about careers with food you probably think Baker, Butcher, Chef, Cook, Restaurant Manager, bartender, barista, wait staff etc. You’re not wrong. But there are so many other options to consider. Craft Brewer Food Technologist Food blogger Dietician Farmers Market Manager Providore Caterer Food Photographer Sommelier Environmental Health …

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What do they do? Mediators are the neutral third party called in to help people negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement to a conflict without going to court. They facilitate communication, promote understanding, assist the parties to identify their needs and interests, and use creative problem solving techniques to enable the parties to reach their own …

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Solar Technician

Renewable energy is a booming industry and set to continue growing. You’d be assembling, installing and maintaining solar panels for residential or commercial projects, in accordance with predetermined plans, building codes, and safety restrictions. If you’d like a hands-on job that also comes with some responsibility. If you enjoy technical puzzles and working outside (also …

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How to become a Paramedic

How to become a Paramedic

What do they do? Paramedics are highly trained healthcare professionals, they respond to medical emergencies outside of the hospital environment. They provide care and treatment of critically ill or injured patients with the aim of keeping them alive or stabilising their condition until they get to hospital. If you’re a people person and have a …

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Job Spotlight Big Data Analyst

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What do they do? Specialise in the analysis and presentation of large and complex data sets. This includes the identification, collection and analysis of big data for the purpose of improving decision making and gaining a competitive advantage in the market. Information empowers businesses. It can be used to identify the causes of problems or …

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