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Have you found a summer job yet?

Have you found a summer job yet?

Have you found a summer job yet? Well don’t worry if you haven’t had the time to look for one just yet, chances are you could still be in luck. Whilst many companies advertise a bit earlier in the year, not all vacancies might have been filled yet. Or perhaps people who had previously accepted …

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Why bother with a summer job?

After a hectic school year you might just be craving some time out and looking forward to winding down. Getting a summer job could be the last thing on your mind. But have you considered all the benefits of a summer job? If not, here’s a few that might just change your mind and have …

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Starting your summer job

If you’ve landed yourself a summer job– congratulations! Accepting a job Employers might let you know in person, on the phone or by email. If you’ve verbally accepted the job, it’s nice to follow up with a written thanks and confirmation of your acceptance. You should be confident that you know what the job is, …

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Applying for Summer Jobs

When you’re applying for a job always give it your best shot. There’s no difference between applying for a casual summer job, part time work, or some high powered graduate career – employers will want to know you’re taking their business seriously and you’ll be giving the job your all.   Applications Make sure your …

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3 tips for finding summer jobs

Sounds simple finding a summer job doesn’t it? But with everything else going on in life and at school, you might be thinking “whoa where do I start?”. Here’s our top tips   Be realistic Before you even start a job search it would be a good idea to think about: How much time you’ll …

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Be Work Ready

Once you’ve decided you’re going to get a summer job, you’ve organised your resume and you’ve started applying for jobs, then you’re on the right track. There are just one or two things you might like to think about before the job starts.   Are you ready to get paid? That may sound like a …

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40 places to apply for summer jobs

As the old saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm”. So if you’re after a casual job over the upcoming Christmas / summer break, we’ve found a resource that lists 40 retailers you might like to start your search with. From Adairs to Witchery, check it out – there might be something that appeals …

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Get your resume ready

Before you start applying for jobs, it’s a good idea to make sure that you have a resume ready to go and that it’s up to date and looking schmick. Updating your resume If you already have a resume, but you haven’t looked at it since you applied for a summer job last year – …

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Looking for a Summer Job?

Thinking about earning a bit of extra cash over the Summer holidays, but don’t know where to look for a job? Student Services Australia has put together a great database called Summer Jobs, containing a huge list of Christmas casual jobs from all around Australia. Simply put in your suburb and find the jobs closest …

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Summer Jobs Prep Time

The start of Term 4 means it’s not long until the summer break. Are you thinking about getting a summer job? If you are, now’s the perfect time to start getting organised.   Ways to prepare You could: Create or update your resume Work out how much time you’ll have available to work Plan how …

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