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Green gap year

Green gap year ideas

Learn about the benefits of a green gap year and find opportunities for travel, volunteering, and work abroad or at home.

Apply now to sail with the Young Endeavour in 2024

Applications are now open for 2024 voyages in STS Young Endeavour. Join the Royal Australian Navy crew on board tall ship Young Endeavour for an adventure unlike any other! Learn teamwork, leadership and communication skills, all while meeting new friends, learning new skills and exploring the coast of Australia. In 2024 the ship will circumnavigate …

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Hear From a Participant in the AgCAREERSTART Program

AgCAREERSTART is a 10–12 month program placing young Australians, aged 17-25, on farms across Australia. It’s a great option if you’re looking for something unique to do for your Gap Year, or want to start your career in the agriculture industry. If you’re curious to learn more about what’s involved in the program and where …

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Kick-Start Your Farming Future with AgCAREERSTART

Agriculture is the world’s most important career. There are so many career paths to take in Agriculture: from animal husbandry, to developing and operating state-of-the-art machinery and technology, to business, marketing and STEM research and analysis; there have never been more opportunities to kick-start a life-long career in Agriculture. With the global population predicted to …

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Kick-Start your Farming Future

Kick-Start your Farming Future

If you’re 18-25 and looking to start a career in a meaningful and exciting industry, an AgCAREERSTART gap-year could help you gain skills and knowledge to grow the farms of the future. Over 10-12 months you will live in an exciting regional location, earn a nationally recognised qualification and build life-long industry connections. Get hands …

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What a Gap Year really costs

What a Gap Year really costs

Would you like to take a Gap Year but you’re afraid you won’t be able to afford it? Perhaps you’re really keen but your parents are concerned about where you’ll find the money and don’t want you ending up in debt. They’re both valid and sensible concerns. But even if you’ll be financing your own …

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Spend your Gap Year in America

Applications for the 2023 Camp America program are now open. As part of Camp America, you will head to the United States for 9-12 weeks and become a counsellor for youth participating in Summer Camp programs. Summer camp in America is a massive tradition. It’s estimated there are 12,000 camps spread all over the country …

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Overseas Experience with GVI

Thinking of taking a gap year once you finish school? Maybe you’d like to travel and see the world, while making a difference at the same time. You can with GVI – they offer tons of volunteering abroad programs, where you can do anything from working with endangered animals to teaching English to kids. If …

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Study Abroad with WEP Student Exchange

Study Abroad with WEP Student Exchange

A WEP student exchange is the opportunity for students to exchange their school, culture, family and possibly language for a selected time period in another country. It could be more rewarding than simply being a tourist, as you’ll live like locals and acquire knowledge not available to the general traveller. It is a once in …

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Farming Gap Years

Want to spend your gap year travelling around the country, experiencing life in the country, and gaining valuable work experience? You might like to consider taking a farming gap year. There are opportunities available all around Australia in all kinds of roles – whether you’d like to work with animals, spend time picking fruit, or …

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Considering a gap year?

Considering a gap year?

A gap year is anything but ‘just a year off’. In fact, gap programs can be formative experiences for high schoolers. They encourage personal growth, independence, resilience, and also can help students to determine what the best next step is for them. Research has shown that deferring college to travel, work, and volunteer overseas can be among …

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Letz Live – New UK Activity Camp Program

Working and living in the UK is an experience like no other! On an Activity Camp Working Holiday, you could be working as an activity/group leader with one of Letz Live’s partner outdoor learning centres. For adventurers and thrill seekers, you’ll be supporting young people with essential outdoor learning activities. This could include canoeing, high …

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Consider a Gap Year in Aviation

Passionate about aviation, but not sure if you want to jump right into study after high school? There are plenty of options for you if you want to take a gap year, where you can learn valuable skills and experience what a career in aviation might be like, all while having fun.   Courses from …

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Spend your Gap Year with WWOOF

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) has been offering unique gap year experiences to people from all around Australia for 40 years. It’s a great way to travel cheaply, learn about organic farming, gain some independence and a host of other skills. You’ll do 6-8 hours a day of work, 5 days a week, …

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GAPYear in Agriculture

GAPYear is a new initiative from Growcom, the peak body for horticulture in Queensland. They want to give young Aussies the chance to explore regional Queensland, meet like-minded people, and partner with ethical employers for a year like no other. Travel as far north as Cairns for mangoes and reef tours, or as far south …

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Gap Year Positions Available for 2022

Letz Live have continued to provide Gap Year and Working Holiday programmes to young people eager to spread their wings abroad. Positions are available for their January 2022 intake to New Zealand, The United Kingdom and Thailand. Travel exemptions are being granted to applicants for working holiday programmes, with participants overseas having a great time. …

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Gap Year Programs and COVID-19

Thinking about planning a Gap Year but unsure about how your plans may be interrupted? Lots of Gap Year providers are aware that students are nervous about putting down a deposit but also anxious to make plans for late 2021 and 2022, but they are keen to reassure students that they’re still planning programs for …

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Gap Year

A gap year with no travel

What’s a gap year?   A gap year is traditionally when students who have just finished Year 12 take a year off before heading off to university or full-time work. And as you probably know, most people love to spend their gap year travelling. While it’s great seeing the world and meeting new people, it’s …

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What is Uni Like Now? Deciding on Gap Year and Uni in a Pandemic

It is impossible to deny that the world has changed in the past few months. Constantly moving goal posts make it difficult to make the right gap year and uni decision for you. Reinventing the Gap Year has produced a video to help you get your head around recent changes to uni life. From online …

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The Gap Year Guide

Considering taking a gap year after school is finished, but have a few questions? The University of Sydney, the University of Canberra, the University of Wollongong and the Country Education Foundation have teamed up to create a series of free online resources giving you all of the information you need about gap years, and the …

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Overseas Study Opportunities

Thinking of going on student exchange or travelling for your gap year, but aren’t sure where to start? Cluey Learning has put together a blog with heaps of useful information about travel providers and programs. Check it out here:

Kickstart your career with a global internship

If you’re interested in a travel experience that’s not all about tourism, there are companies out there who can organise trips where you can combine adventure with meaningful and real-world work experience. You can access international internships, TEFL courses and volunteer placements, across a wide range of professional fields and helping out with a variety …

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