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Zoom Interview Tips

Zoom Interview Tips

Although video and phone interviews have both been around for a long time, in the post-2020/COVID era, Zoom and the like have never been more popular. In some instances, this method of interviewing may have replaced physical interviews because it’s just easier all around. We’ve put together a few of the top Zoom interview tips …

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LAUNCH Events Musician – Expressions of Interest

LAUNCH Darwin are looking for young musicians for a variety of their events in 2020. Some previous events they’ve booked musicians for include: Sounds@Sunset Street Heat Quiz4Dili Couch Surfing Dive in Movies Big Gig If you are a local, young musician and would like to be considered to play one of their gigs in 2020, …

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Skillsroad Job Fit Test

Wanting to know if you would be a perfect fit for your dream career? It can be hard if you haven’t had any experience before. Skillsroad has developed a quick quiz you can take to test whether you are “job fit” for more than 300 careers. Find out more and take the quiz here: https://www.skillsroad.com.au/get-career-advice/job-fit-test

Join the Youth Educating about Waste (YEW) Project

The Youth Affairs Council of WA (YACWA) has recently been funded by the Waste Authority to develop and deliver the pilot Youth Educating about Waste (YEW) Project. YEW will aim to educate young people (aged 17 to 25) to make sustainable reductions in their waste. This project aims to: Better understand WA young people’s waste …

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Start Your Aviation Career with Flightdeck Consulting

Wanting to kickstart your career as a pilot? Flightdeck Consulting is a team of former pilots and recruiters, offering a variety of resources to help you land your dream job. They services they offer include interview preparation, flight simulation prep, and aptitude testing. With contacts around the world, they can help you find a job …

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Ace your applications

It’s that time of year, when regardless of your next move after high school, you’ll be needing to start applications. Applications to uni, TAFE, applying for jobs, scholarships, bursaries, or even applying for gap year projects or visas to travel overseas. Here’s our top tips on putting together a great application, that’ll get you noticed …

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Become a STEM Cadet with the Australian Government

The Australian Government is currently accepting applications from high achieving undergraduate students studying a STEM-related field for their STEM Cadetship program in 2020. The cadetship program gives you the opportunity to gain experience through work for the Department of Defence as a public servant. Not only will you receive a salary, but you also get …

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Work at YMCA in Alice Springs

YMCA of the NT are currently seeking applications for senior students interested in becoming a junior program officer at Kilgariff Recreaction Centre in Alice Springs. If you have a passion for sport, fitness and health, this could be the ideal opportunity for you. Duties for a junior program officer may include: Run after school and …

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Top 7 Soft Skills for 2019

We’ve read a tonne of reports and googled more blogs than you can shake a stick at. With all that research combined and a dash of work experience, we’ve put together a short guide to the top soft skills employers are interested in.   What are Soft Skills Soft skills refer to your interpersonal (people) skills. They …

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Great cover letters open doors

When you’re applying or looking for work, a cover letter is a brief letter to accompany your CV or application. It’s always a great idea to include one (unless you’re specifically requested not to). If your CV / application is the main course, then the cover letter is the appetiser. It allows potential employers to …

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High-End Resume Templates

In addition to the tonnes of free resume templates out there (see the Study Work Grow recommendations here), you can pay for someone to design a CV for you, or you can pay for apps and programs that will do an amazing job too. If you’re really motivated and want to make a great impression …

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Free CV Templates

When you google free resume or CV templates, there are quite literally thousands of results that come up. You could spend hours looking through them trying to find one that you like. To save you some time, you could try the free Resume Builder on the Study Work Grow page. Or see what free templates …

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Create your resume

Applying for jobs (and sometimes when you’re applying to tertiary education), you’ll need a resume. A resume or CV (Curriculum Vitae), is a document which details your work and study history, including all your achievements and skills so far. You need to provide all the essential details in a professional looking, easy-to-read format. Keep it …

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Mock Interviews

As with most things in life, the more you practise something, the better you’ll get. The same is true for interviews. Interviewers will expect you to be a little nervous and tongue tied. But the better the first impression you create and the more confident you feel going into an interview, the higher your chances …

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Born to be Epic | Skillsroad

Skillsroad have put together a fantastic series to help you get (and keep) a job you’ll love. Find all their posts here – https://www.skillsroad.com.au/born-to-be-epic

Victorian Firefighter Recruitment

Applications will open on Friday 8 February 2019 at 12pm (midday). Find out more here: https://firefighter.vic.gov.au/ https://firefighter.vic.gov.au/recruitment-process/ https://firefighter.vic.gov.au/recruit-applications/

How to get a graduate job in transport or logistics

Check out this article for some great tips about how to get a job once you’ve finished your degree. These tips would be just as applicable for anyone starting out without a degree. Read the article here – https://gradaustralia.com.au/transport-logistics/how-to-get-a-grad-job-in-transport-or-logistics

Make Your Summer Holidays Count

The end of school is almost here, rushing towards us faster than a freight train. And after a long year at school, the summer holidays are your well-earned break. I hereby give you permission to relax, recover and recharge, ready for next year. You should never feel pressured into doing anything you don’t want to, …

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Get your foot in the door

It doesn’t matter if you’re leaving Year 12 and hoping to get a job straight away or applying for summer jobs to earn a bit of cash – if you want to work (and trust me, you do) then you’re going to need a resume. Potential employers use your resume to decide if you’re worthy …

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Top 10 Skills Employers Look For – Loyalty

Show them you share their vision It’s common sense that when an employer is looking for a new employee, they’d select the person who they think: will put in the maximum effort at work, wants to be part of their organisation and wants to stay with the company for the mid-to-long term Why? Because they’re …

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What to wear to an interview

You’re worried because you care. And you’re right to care, because what you wear to a job interview matters. Science shows that a great outfit can empower you, boost your confidence levels, and help you make a killer first impression. So whether you’re meeting with a recruiter, having an informal catch-up about a role over coffee, …

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WA Police Force – Recruiting Info Sessions

October 25 | Western Australian Police Academy November 15 | Western Australia Police Academy December 13 | Western Australia Police Academy People who have an interest in a career as a Police Officer are encouraged to attend a Recruit Information Session. Please be advised the Recruit Information Session only provides information on the Police Officer role …

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