myfuture Primary School Resources

myfuture has created lesson plans to help primary school-aged students gain a better understanding of the world of work around them and the transferable skills needed to adapt and change in order to self-manage their careers in today’s economy. They cover the following competencies: personal management, learning and work exploration, and career-building. Each lesson plan …

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Application Tips with Macquarie University

Learn how to maximise your applications for direct entry, early entry, and scholarships in this short video. Lucy from Study Work Grow is joined by Tristan and Rhiannan from Macquarie University’s Future Students Team, and they discuss some of the key things to think about when putting together your university applications.

Challenging Conversations Teaching Guide

Connecting civics and citizenship education to the lives of students can be tricky, especially when dealing with issues that can be tricky, controversial or challenging. This teaching guide, Challenging Conversations, provides some discussion and debate strategies to help students critically engage with the topics and explore a range of perspectives and points of view. It …

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MoAD Classroom Resources

The Museum of Australian Democracy has tons of classroom resources, for years F-12 in all different curriculum areas. You can find the resources here: https://www.moadoph.gov.au/learning/classroom-resources/democracy-resources/

K-12 Career Learning Framework from NSW

The NSW Department of Education have released a K-12 Career Learning Framework to help educators embed career learning activities within curriculum. While the strategies have been designed with the NSW curriculum in mind, there are ideas that could be useful for educators in other states, and it’s a great document that shows a commitment to …

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Taronga Zoo Digital Education Programs and Online Resources

Can’t make it to Taronga Zoo? Our digital programs are suitable for all ages and offer great opportunities to add depth to a unit of work, or as unique, stand-alone learning experiences. You can contact the education team on 02 9978 4578 or at education@zoo.nsw.gov.au. Find out more: https://taronga.org.au/education/digital-programs-online-resources

eSafety Professional Learning Program for Teachers

eSafety’s professional learning program covers the latest online safety research, case studies and teaching strategies. It aims to support educators and those who work with young people to integrate online safety into their programs, and student wellbeing planning. The webinars are designed for primary and secondary teachers, wellbeing professionals and teaching support staff. The material …

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Resources for Teachers of Students with Disabilities

It’s estimated that 1 in 10 school students have a disability – and of these students, 89% of them attend mainstream school (source). It’s important that teachers are equipped to adapt to the needs of students with disability, and ensure that they have equal outcomes to other students. We’ve gathered some resources for schools and …

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Leadership Development Resources

This resource is ideal for use with Student Representative Council members, and is also highly relevant for all Year 10-12 students. Leadership development enables individuals to realise their potential to affect positive change in their own lives, teams, organisations, and communities. There are two aspects to leadership development. First is leader development – developing the …

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UAC Student Lifestyle Report

UAC have just released their most recent Student Lifestyle Report – they’ve asked 13,000 of last year’s Year 12s about their interests, dreams, hopes and intentions. It’s a really interesting report, and well worth a read for anyone who supports students (or sells to students – there’s a whole section on their favourite brands etc…) …

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Documentaries for the Classroom

Documentary Australia have gathered a variety of recently released documentary films that have quality resources mapped to the Australian Curriculum. They’ve collated all the information you need to use these documentaries in the classroom. You’ll find links to where you can access the documentaries, their educational resources, Australian Curriculum subjects, topics covered and other related …

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ABC Education Mini Lessons

In these ten-minute lessons, Australian teachers teach fundamental skills in English, maths and science. These mini lessons are co-designed with teachers and produced with the support of Australian schools, the NSW Department of Education, and the Department of Education and Training (Victoria). See the full library here: https://www.abc.net.au/education/collections/mini-lessons/

World Ocean Day for Schools 2022

We’re on a mission to protect our ocean – and we need your help! We believe that you can be an ocean advocate no matter where you live. We’re expanding our focus from just an ocean story to a water story. That means we’re exploring blue spaces everywhere – and how they connect back to …

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High Resolves Program

High Resolves delivers citizenship education experiences that help students develop critical life skills. Educators can customise our learning programs to help students explore social responsibility, empathy and resilience, and learn how to think independently, collaborate and problem-solve. We have a range of solutions aligned to Australian curriculum objectives, including: Immersive workshops for high school students, …

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When is the right time to start learning about careers?

When is the right time to start learning about careers?

Welcome to the next article in our National Careers Week series – the theme for 2022 is “Career. More than just a job” and we’ve taken an in-depth look into what your career actually is, and what you can do to take control over it. Today, we think about when we should start teaching about …

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STELR Careers in STEM Webinars

Each week throughout Term 2, STELR is running a series of webinars featuring different careers in STEM. These webinars give students the opportunity to meet Australian scientists and engineers. These free webinars are presented by STELR as part of the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series (VCES). All students around Australia are welcome to attend. Find …

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VEC professional development: Passport to Democracy

Join the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) for the Passport to Democracy Teacher Professional Learning event. This will be a FREE online and interactive masterclass, facilitated by trained educators for Victorian teachers of Civics and Citizenship. There are four all day sessions (9.30am – 3.00pm) to choose from which are specifically designed for primary, secondary, and …

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Australian Consumer Law Teaching Resources

The ACL regulators recognise the importance of having confident young people who are aware of their consumer and financial rights. Through the early teaching of consumer and financial literacy, Australian school students will have the opportunity to develop sound consumer and financial knowledge, skills and behaviours from an early age that will equip them to …

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National Careers Week Activities Guide

NCW have created a brand new resource this year, packed full of activity ideas for students from years K-12 with ways to raise career awareness. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or work with young people in any capacity, there are lots of great ideas. This free resource can be downloaded from their website here: https://careersweek.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/NCW-Activities-K-12.pdf

work experience with council

Work experience with your local Council

Looking for somewhere to do your work experience? A great place to consider is your local Council. Many local Councils have structured work experience programs for high school students, as well as VET and university students looking for placements. They’re definitely worth considering on your work experience search.   Why should I do work experience …

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Jarlarla Program

Jarlarla™ is an innovative new Professional Development activity designed to ignite your passion to incorporate Indigenous Knowledges into your Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum and beyond. Through practical, on country, hands on activities, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to successfully: Incorporate Indigenous Knowledges in the STEM curriculum Develop culturally responsive …

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Beautiful Minds Schools Program

Beautiful Minds has partnered with schools across Australia to help children and families reach their full potential. Our team of expert coaches has worked with more than 935 schools and 3.5 million children. At Beautiful Minds Schools, we have a clear vision: to improve the wellbeing of students and educators across Australia. All Beautiful Minds …

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Beacon Foundation School Programs

Beacon Foundation run a series of online and in-person workshops and programs to help inspire young people about their futures, including education and employment options. Their current programs include: High Impact Programs – a series of half and one-day work readiness programs boost employability skills and build real-life connections to the world of work for …

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R U OK? Educator Hub

The R U OK? Educator Hub contains a variety of free resources, activities and presentations for schools, to help primary and secondary students to understand more about R U OK? and looking out for one another. The new R U OK? secondary schools presentation can be utilised by anyone who wants to introduce high school …

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University of Sydney | Kickstart Science

Kickstart workshops give HSC students a chance to do experiments and demonstrations of key ideas in the syllabus that are difficult to do in the classroom. These HSC syllabus-focussed workshops cover key topics and experiments that require equipment or expertise in areas that many schools may not be able to provide. Our expert science communicator …

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Atlas of Living Australia Classroom Resources

The ALA has a wide variety of Classroom Activities that align with the Australian Curriculum. Activities are available for all ages from Foundation through Year 12 and they can be easily amended to suit your needs and your local area. The ALA classroom activities From Foundation through Year 8 guide teachers through suggested discussions with …

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SolarBuddy Education Programs

SolarBuddy is dedicated to educating and empowering future leaders to be skilled in sustainable technologies and versed in equity issues. Our education program encourages student collaboration, intercultural understanding, and creative and critical thinking while inspiring students to consider how innovative design solutions can transform lives. Designed by education experts, our program is aligned to ACARA …

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Shark Tank eSchool

Shark Tank eSchool is a project-based learning program designed by Marketing Innovation Entrepreneurship Lab (MIELab). It’s delivered by teachers in the classroom supported by Shark Tank eSchool modules and Charles Sturt University. Students work their ‘big idea’ across eight modules from the start of Term 3. They will learn core skills, including creativity, innovation, critical …

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Brand new Skillsroad website is here

Skillsroad are excited to announce that they have just launched their brand new website. It’s filled to the brim with advice, resources, teaching materials, and interactive quizzes to help you steer your students in the right direction after school. The content has been streamlined and edited for 2022’s modern students, making it your one-stop shop …

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goIT | Free Digital Innovation & Career readiness program

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has launched a digital innovation and STEM program called ‘goIT’. This is a global initiative that has been adopted and adapted to suit the Australian & New Zealand curriculum empowering the digital innovators of tomorrow. goIT is a fun, flexible and free initiative to introduce students from years 5 – 10 …

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Key Takeaways from the National Microcredentials Framework

The Department of Education, Skills and Employment has just released the new National Microcredentials Framework, and we’ve taken a look at what it says and what it means for schools and school leavers. Microcredentials have been around for a few years now, and the rising popularity of platforms like EdX and LinkedIn Learning means that …

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VTAC & SEAS Updates for Careers Advisors

On Wednesday this week we attended the really useful VTAC webinar about recent updates to VTAC and SEAS. Here are some of the key takeaways: Key Dates for 2022/2023 Applications:   Course, SEAS and Scholarship Applications OPEN on 1 August 2022 On time Course Applications CLOSE 29 September SEAS and Scholarship Applications CLOSE 17 October …

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Job Interview Questions Template

Interviews are a key part of the hiring process, but it can be difficult to know what questions to ask. Business Victoria have developed a job interview template that provides some general interview questions. This can be a great starting point to show students what to expect in a job interview, or even to use …

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National Skills Commission – Skills Clusters

Skills clusters show groups of similar specialist tasks. The specialist tasks are designed to describe day-to-day work within an occupation. These tasks are broadly transferable – if you can do one task in the cluster, you can do the others. Skills clusters illustrate a new way of looking at the labour market at a ‘deeper’ …

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11 tips for talking to your teen about their career

Not sure how to talk to your teen about their career? You’re not alone. Research shows that parents are the most significant influence on their child’s career decisions, which puts a lot of pressure on you to get it right. But talking to your teen about their career isn’t easy – they may avoid the …

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New Career Education Strategy for South Australia

The South Australian Government has just released a new Career Education Strategy with three key focus areas: Partnering with industry Building school capacity, and Empowering students to develop their own career path We welcome this strategy and in particular the emphasis on expanding options for work experience and embedding careers within the curriculum. You can …

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Respectful Relationships Education Toolkit

This Toolkit has been created by Our Watch to support schools in delivering Respectful relationships education, and was developed as part of the Respectful relationships education in Schools (RREiS) pilot. The RREiS pilot supported 19 schools from across Victoria to embed a whole school approach to Respectful relationships education while also delivering the Department of Education and …

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School Leavers Information Service

Are you still in contact with recent school leavers looking for advice? You can direct them to the School Leavers Information Service. The SLIS provides career guidance for young people aged 15 to 24. They can either call on 1800 CAREER (1800 227 337), or text ‘SLIS2022’ to 0429 009 435, and talk to an …

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Young people design the future of career services

Young people across Scotland have had their say on how to improve career services in Scotland. A report commissioned as part of the Scottish Government’s Young Person’s Guarantee outlines how career services need to evolve to keep up with changes in the world of work. Report authors Skills Development Scotland worked with over eighty young …

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Designing a Curriculum for Deeper Learning: Reflections from New South Wales

Geoff Masters, CEO of the Australian Council for Educational Research, recently led the first review of the K-12 curriculum in New South Wales in thirty years. His goal was to recommend how it should be updated to better meet the needs of a changing economy and society. In conversation with NCEE, he reflected on the …

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UNIQ You Schools

UNIQ You facilitates personalised, informative and safe 30 minute video calls between female students in Grades 9-12 and their educators, with strong, positive female role models working in industries under-represented by women. A variety of leading companies across 10 x STEM and VET industries have been quick to show their support, including but not limited …

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Grow Careers

How do students process information they learn about themselves and future career, course and employment options to make informed career decisions? The Grow Careers career library resources guide students through the career decision making cycle. 18 career development handouts or downloadable resources with expert and current information to support students making career-related choices. Resource topics …

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Volunteering can benefit students in so many ways

Volunteering can benefit students in so many ways

Like everyone else students lead busy lives, so often the idea of fitting volunteering into their jam-packed lives may be a difficult one to convey. It’s worth persevering with though, as the evidence shows time spent volunteering as students offers multiple benefits, outside of the obvious community benefits. Work Experience is often hard to source, …

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The Learning Curve Wellbeing Program

The Learning Curve is a structured 48 week student wellbeing program helping students to become their best possible selves. Weekly topics and activities are derived from a combination of six equally important elements which when exercised in conjunction with each other can show how healthy a student’s state of wellbeing is. The Learning Curve program …

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Indigital Schools Program

Indigital Schools is an Indigenous designed digital skills training program for primary and high schools students. It enables Indigenous and non-Indigenous kids to connect with and learn from Elders about cultural knowledge, history and language, while learning digital skills in cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality, animation and coding. The Indigital Schools program is provided on …

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Bell Shakespeare 2022 Regional Teacher Mentorship

Every year Bell Shakespeare welcomes 30 regional and remote teachers from across the country to their HQ in Sydney. You will be trained over four intensive days in innovative Shakespeare strategies, active learning principles, and teaching techniques to engage all learners across all year levels. On return to their schools, Bell Shakespeare mentor the teachers …

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ABC Heywire Teacher Resources

The ABC’s Heywire competition is calling for stories by year 10, 11 and 12 students from rural and regional Australia. English, Media, SOSE and Art teachers around the nation use Heywire as a ‘real life’ task for students exploring issues such as: identity, place, journeys, discovery or belonging; or in any unit that involves producing …

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Children’s Activities for Child Protection Week

Each year NAPCAN provides fun children’s activities to support their promotion of National Child Protection Week. This booklet aims to help start conversations with parents, carers and children about the importance of community in improving the outcomes for all Australia’s children and young people. National Child Protection Week runs from 5-11 September 2021. Download a …

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Teaching Tips for Teamwork Skills

Teamwork and Collaboration are vital skills that students will need, not just in their studies, but employment and day-to-day life. It is important as educators that we can prepare students the best we can for the world of work. Edith Cowan University has created a handy information sheet packed with tips on teaching Teamwork skills. …

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Career Trivia and I Am Worksheets

We’ve put together three rounds or careers trivia with everything you’ll need including answer sheets for the students to fill in, plus an instruction sheet, list of questions and the answers for Teacher use only. The pack also incorporates an “I Am” sheet that could be used in addition to the quiz or as a …

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Career Crosswords

These crosswords could help your students think about all of the different types of work where specific subject knowledge is required. A fun way to start students thinking about which subjects will be useful to get into certain careers. For students who are thinking about subject selection they could be an engaging exercise to get …

Career Crosswords Read More »

VR Team Building for Schools Impacted by Lockdown

VR Team Building for Schools Impacted by Lockdown

With hundreds of schools switching back to remote learning, the mental health issues connected to loss of connectivity, fun, interaction and engagement with friends and fellow students is once again dramatically impacted. In 2020, schools in NSW and VIC with students ranging from years 8 – 12 participated in the web-based virtual reality team building …

VR Team Building for Schools Impacted by Lockdown Read More »

Lockdown Resources for students

Lockdown Resources for students

There’s no doubt about it, lock downs are tough, for so many reasons. Students might be finding it particularly tough to stay motivated and on track with their studies. Year 11 and 12’s understandably may be particularly stressed out. We’ll keep updating you whenever possible with news from the universities and TAC’s that could encourage them …

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ABC Education Resources

Looking for some great content you can use in the classroom, whether you’re teaching in class or virtually? ABC Education is packed with a whole heap of videos, lessons, articles, and heaps more content, all mapped to the Australian curriculum. And the best part is they’re all free to use. ABC Education has content for …

ABC Education Resources Read More »

School Camps and Excursions - why they matter

School Camps and Excursions – why they matter

Sue Fitcher, owner and operator of Getaway Trekking has kindly written this guest article: Highlighting the multiple benefits of School camps and excursions for high school students, even in the aftermath of COVID, you could be inspired to organise your own school event.   I have a challenge for you   Ask yourself how many …

School Camps and Excursions – why they matter Read More »

ANSTO’s National Science Week Hackathon 2021

Ready, steady, hack: ANSTO’s National Science Week Hackathon is back – and you’re invited! Bring innovation to your classroom with this free, fast-paced, virtual hackathon for Australian students in years 7-11 on an important topic. Because it’s the United Nations’ International Year of Fruits and Vegetables, the National Science Week theme Food: Different by Design …

ANSTO’s National Science Week Hackathon 2021 Read More »

Spill the Beans ASPiRE Entrepreneurship Program

ASPiRE is an Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR) program, matching entrepreneurs with schools to assist with their entrepreneurship/business programs. The EIR is a voluntary position for a 6 month term with an option to renew – helping to mentor students, volunteering their time and assisting in the development of transferable entrepreneurial skills in students, ultimately helping …

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Tax Time for Teachers

It’s that time of the year again – time to submit your tax return. As a teacher, there are certain things you may or may not be able to claim as expenses. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by what to do, don’t worry. The ATO has provided a handy information sheet covering some of …

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Report into Parental Engagement | Study Work Grow

Report into Parental Engagement

Why parent engagement matters   There are currently half a million Year 11 and 12 students in Australia. Research shows that parents are the most significant influence in determining students’ post-school career pathways, (even when they’re uniformed). So to create an effective careers or transitions program for your senior students, including their parents is going …

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Open Day Checklists

These checklists have been created as a simple visual reminder for your students who would like to go to university and could benefit from attending Open Days. You might like to use them as part of a lesson or group discussion, or they could a handout for students or parents that’s useful in conjunction with …

Open Day Checklists Read More »

Work Experience Checklists

These checklists are designed as a simple step-by-step guide to help your students organise and maximise their work experience opportunities.  Encouraging them to be proactive and think about all the aspects involved in planning, organising taking part in, and reflecting on their work experience placement. They could be used as part of a lesson or …

Work Experience Checklists Read More »

Skillsroad Teacher and Careers Advisor Toolkit

Skillsroad are excited to announce the launch of their comprehensive Teacher and Careers Advisor Toolkit – a jam-packed resource to support educators with career planning. What you get: A series of lesson plans designed to help students in planning for their career journey. Advice on organising a careers day at your school and work experience …

Skillsroad Teacher and Careers Advisor Toolkit Read More »

TAFE NSW Schools Launchpad

TAFE NSW Schools Launchpad is a different way to think about school and TAFE-delivered Vocational Education and Training (TVET). TAFE NSW are offering 20 virtual courses that combine teacher-led virtual classrooms with workshops and work placements across a range of exciting career areas within growth industries. These new virtual teacher-led courses help build practical job …

TAFE NSW Schools Launchpad Read More »

Day of STEM

The Day of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is an online program designed to inspire students to pursue STEM careers, by providing a firsthand look at the fields they’re most interested in. Students get to experience a day in the life of a professional, granting them invaluable insights into the life that awaits them. …

Day of STEM Read More »

Respectful Relationships Education

Respectful Relationships is about creating the social change that’s needed in order to prevent gender-based violence. The aim is to provide students in classrooms the skills and knowledge to address the attitudes, behaviours, structures and practises that have contributed to a society where gender-based violence is the norm. Working together to stop violence before it …

Respectful Relationships Education Read More »

National Careers Week Information Sheets

National Careers Week have developed some great resources you can provide to students. They have created a variety of information sheets on different sections of careers development, including resume writing, interviews, networking, skills, self-awareness, and much more. The sheets can be downloaded for free from the National Careers Week website here: https://careersweek.com.au/resources/ The 2021 National …

National Careers Week Information Sheets Read More »

STEM 2021: On Demand

STEM 2021: On Demand is a unique, online, on demand event bringing Australian educators and STEM professionals TED-style talks from world-renowned experts on creativity, innovation and STEM. STEM 2021: On Demand brings together some of Australia’s and the world’s experts on creativity, innovation, education and STEM. The online and on demand event is made up …

STEM 2021: On Demand Read More »

Career Poster Pack | Study Work Grow

Study Work Grow Career Poster Pack

Motivate your students and colour in your notice board with these three (3) engaging career posters. This pack includes three premium A3 posters, shipped to your school or address anywhere in Australia. The three posters include: Interview Tips – Simple ideas to help your students ace their interviews. Gap Years – This poster gives them …

Study Work Grow Career Poster Pack Read More »

The Real Future of Work (and how to respond)

Join CDAA for a three-part program combining expert presenters, workshop discussion and a concluding webinar, delivered over a month from early April to early May 2021. What is a realistic forecast for the future of work in Australia? What strategies and tools will help career practitioners best respond? Learn how your colleagues are responding to …

The Real Future of Work (and how to respond) Read More »

Report into Subject Selection

Subject Selection Report

We’ve taken a look at Senior Subject Selection in Australia to deliver this comprehensive report. Our findings could help your refine and improve your school-based subject selection processes, so that students are supported in the best way possible through their complex choices. You can download your copy of the report here.

Free Earth Hour Lesson Plans and Resources

WWF-Australia has partnered with Cool Australia to develop free, downloadable lesson plans and resources to help bring Earth Hour into your classroom. These curriculum-aligned resources introduce and explore important environmental topics like climate change, support learning online and at school, and provide units suitable for Early Learning, Primary and Secondary students. Explore and download Earth …

Free Earth Hour Lesson Plans and Resources Read More »

Apply for the Outback Queensland Education Experience Program

The Outback Queensland Education Experience Program was established in 2011 to encourage teachers to take their students to Outback Queensland and integrate its rich history and heritage into school learning. It provides the opportunity for students to learn from and give back to Outback communities by experiencing life on the land. The scheme provides a …

Apply for the Outback Queensland Education Experience Program Read More »

Career Classroom Activities

Career Worksheet – World of Work Activities

These worksheets could help your students think about all of the different types of places that people work. They’ll need to think about the range of workplaces they have seen and experienced, and then be encouraged to place themselves into possible future workplaces. These activities could be used in class, incorporated into career counselling preparation, …

Career Worksheet – World of Work Activities Read More »

Purpose Project launch in Sydney

Did you know that 1 in 2 students have no idea what they’re going to do after school? Or that in 1 in 3 young Australians are unemployed or underemployed after their studies? The Purpose Project has launched 3 new programs in 2021 for high schools in Greater Sydney to enable every student to pursue …

Purpose Project launch in Sydney Read More »

Apply for the Yamaha Great Start Grant

The Great Start Grant is an annual, by-application award of musical instruments and equipment gifted to a school to get their music program off the ground. Music is widely accepted as a valuable and meaningful part of a child’s education. Unfortunately, in Australia, not every school offers continuous, sequential education in music. By creating a …

Apply for the Yamaha Great Start Grant Read More »

Fast Track for Top Teachers to Become Principals

For the first time the State’s best teachers will have an opportunity to fast track their careers and become principals in half the time. Each year 30 excelling teachers and 20 teaching graduates can apply to participate in a new NSW government program to turbo-charge their careers to the level of principal within 10 years. …

Fast Track for Top Teachers to Become Principals Read More »

Career Worksheet – Entry to Medicine

This worksheet is designed to get your students thinking about Medicine as a career in real terms.  Encouraging them to do a little research and compare the facts versus their preconceptions. It could be used as part of a lesson or group discussion relating to building post school pathways and financial management, as well as …

Career Worksheet – Entry to Medicine Read More »

Safe on Social Toolkit

Safe on Social Toolkits provide schools and parents with an array of resources developed by leading cyber safety experts and offers the most current and engaging online safety information available. There are toolkits made for both schools and parents. The school toolkit includes: 50+ Easy to Understand Teacher Cheat Sheets Monthly Parent Resources Alerts on …

Safe on Social Toolkit Read More »

Climate Schools Program

Climate Schools is the most innovative and engaging way to empower students to gain knowledge about their health and wellbeing. Aiming to change and reinvigorate the school climate around alcohol and other drug education, the modules provide curriculum-consistent health education courses proven to reduce harm and improve student well-being. By implementing these user-friendly evidence-based programs …

Climate Schools Program Read More »

Duolingo for Schools

Duolingo is a great tool for students and educators to get the most out of their time together in the classroom. Duolingo for Schools is adapted for groups of students and their educators. Whether as an extra credit homework assignment, an in-class exercise, or as a way for students to stay language fit over the …

Duolingo for Schools Read More »

Career Worksheet – Balance Activities

These worksheets are designed to get your students thinking about how they balance their priorities. They’ll be asked to think about the things that are important to them, and create a visual representation of how they balance their time. Students are also asked to reflect on their concerns and assess their importance. These activities could be …

Career Worksheet – Balance Activities Read More »

The STELR Project

STELR (Science and Technology Education Leveraging Relevance) is a national initiative of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering. The primary aim of STELR is to address the problem of low participation rates in STEM subjects at the upper secondary school level. It does this by developing teaching modules relating these subjects to highly relevant …

The STELR Project Read More »

FYA Worlds of Work

FYA’s Worlds of Work (WOW) is a free ​national initiative that equips young people with the enterprise skills and careers management skills to be prepared for the future of work. Tailored for students in Years 8-10, WOW activities facilitate meaningful career-linked experiences that aim to answer the question ‘What does it take to succeed in …

FYA Worlds of Work Read More »

Virtual Work Experience

Why it’s vital to make work experience succeed online

2020 saw many work experience opportunities for students become unavailable as face-to-face contact became nearly impossible at times. For students, this means there were less chances out there for them to experience the world of work and dive into what could be their future career. It also means they may have missed out on gaining …

Why it’s vital to make work experience succeed online Read More »

CSIRO’s STEM Professionals in Schools Program

Providing engaging and relevant learning experiences in STEM subjects in the classroom can be a challenge. To help you, STEM Professionals in Schools partners you with a highly qualified STEM professional to increase your confidence, knowledge and skills in STEM subjects and help you enrich the learning experiences for your students. Through your partnership, you …

CSIRO’s STEM Professionals in Schools Program Read More »

Teaching Space With NASA

NASA experts and education specialists have created webinars, workshops and resources for teachers who are teaching about space, science and the Earth. You can watch old webinars at any time on demand, and access their teaching resources for free. Find out more here: https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/edu/teaching-space/

Career Teaching Resources

Career Worksheet – Self Awareness

This worksheet is designed to get your students thinking about their strengths and interests. You could incorporate this worksheet into a lesson on self-awareness, helping students to uncover what makes them unique. Students could discuss common strengths and interests in groups or as a class before filling out the worksheet, and then refer to their …

Career Worksheet – Self Awareness Read More »

Career Teaching Resources

Career Worksheet – A Work Day

This worksheet is designed to get your students thinking about what a real workday is like. They’ll draw on their own experiences of watching people close to them work to figure out what types of things people do during a work day. This activity could be used in conjunction with group discussions, and could be …

Career Worksheet – A Work Day Read More »

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