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Blue Peanut Virtual Medicine Work Experience and Interview Courses

Blue Peanut are an organisation based in the UK who have recognised the need for Medicine applicants to get relevant work experience and help with acing their medicine applications. Although it’s based in the UK, they offer virtual work experience programs, as well as intensive medical school interview courses, taught online by live interactive webinar. …

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Talking Virtual Work Experience with Grandshake

Talking Virtual Work Experience with Grandshake

Virtual work experience is on the rise. Traditional work experience is still around, but it can be challenging to find a placement, let alone ones in the industry at the top of your preference list. And that’s before pandemics come into play. Virtual Work Experience could make it easier for you to access opportunities in …

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Work Experience Alternatives

Work Experience Alternatives

In 2020, with businesses closed or having to stick to strict COVID regulations in order to operate, work placements could be tricky. You may need to look at work experience alternatives in order to explore industries and careers that you’re interested in. Some businesses may still be able to offer placements, so it’s still worth …

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The benefits of Networking

Networking sounds daunting, so let’s break it down   “Networking” is a term you’ll probably hear a lot of through your life, but more so as you begin working towards a career. But what does networking actually mean? Essentially, it’s the building of purposeful relationships. You know, the ones that can add some form of …

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Virtual Work Experience

Virtual Work Experience

Sometimes it can be tricky to find work experience. Maybe the program you wanted to do is full, or it’s in a city that’s far away. Luckily, there is another option. Virtual work experience is becoming increasingly popular. It gives students from anywhere in the country the chance to experience working in a place they …

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The skills you could get from Work Experience

If you’re contemplating getting some work experience, but you’ve read that in all likelihood most of your time will be spent observing, you might be a bit confused about the skills you could be taking away. Well, not all work experience will be watching and learning (and if they are at least your observational and …

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Be Work Ready

Once you’ve decided you’re going to get a summer job, you’ve organised your resume and you’ve started applying for jobs, then you’re on the right track. There are just one or two things you might like to think about before the job starts.   Are you ready to get paid? That may sound like a …

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