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The Sydney Morning Herald HSC Study Guide 2021

The Sydney Morning Herald has released their HSC Study Guide for 2021. It is packed with information including key dates, what’s changed in 2021, study tips, advice from former students, practice exam questions, and more. Check it out here: https://www.smh.com.au/hsc-study-guide-2021

Wellbeing and study tips for teens during lockdown

Wellbeing and study tips for teens during lockdown

Lockdowns are tough on everyone, but if you’re at school – particularly in senior high school, then you’re probably having a harder time than most. We get that, we really do. Unfortunately, we can’t make the pandemic or the restrictions go away, but we can find ways to help you support yourself and make the …

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What is Sketchnoting?

Do you struggle to read large pages full of text? Find writing notes in class a bit boring? Consider yourself more of a visual rather than verbal learner? Sketchnoting could be an interesting study technique for you to try out instead.   What is sketchnoting?   As the name implies, sketchnoting is a way of …

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Work and Learning Styles

We all have different preferences for how we work and learn. Some of us like to gather all the information in the one place before we start making decisions, others like to get started and adjust along the way. Knowing the way you work and learn and finding strategies to incorporate these styles can help …

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NT Back to School Payment Scheme

Did you know that you can access up to $150 to help pay for school-related expenses in Term 1? The Northern Territory government provides assistance for students and parents through the Back to School Payment scheme. You can use the grant for any of the following: school uniform, including hats, book bags textbooks stationery, including …

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UNSW Girls in Engineering Club

The Girls in Engineering Club is a fun, inspiring community for high school girls who are interested in STEM, study maths or science at school, or who just want to explore what engineering is all about. You can connect and share ideas with fellow high school girls who are also discovering the possibilities of a …

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Study Playlists to keep you on track

Study Playlists to keep you on track

There are lots of studies out there promoting the benefits of listening to music while you study. Music could help you to: Feel less stressed Reduce anxiety Perform better Help you to focus Improve your brain function Retain and recall what you’ve learnt more easily Block out distractions   Top Study Playlists   Here’s our …

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On Campus vs Online

This year has seen a huge uptake in universities moving their learning online, and it’s an option that’s more popular and accessible than ever. But for some people, it’s not quite the same as being able to attend classes on campus. So what’s the best option for you if you’re looking to start your studies …

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Education is Not a Competition

When you’re studying hard for your exams and assignments, it can be hard not to wonder how your friends and other students are doing. You might feel pressure to perform the best and get the highest marks. But, as Chief Executive of SACE Professor Martin Westwell has written in his blog, it’s important to remember …

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Learning Style Summary

Free Learning Styles Questionnaire

Understanding your learning style can help you improve your results and get more from your study time. Everyone is unique, and we all have our own preferences when it comes to learning new material. Even if your teacher’s methods don’t align with your preferred learning style, you can still find ways to absorb the information. …

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Learning to Learn

If you struggle with studying or learning new things, you might think that it’s because you’re not smart enough. But research is showing that we can “learn to learn” – that through practice and dedicated strategies, we can all become better and faster learners. Harvard Business Review has shared some great tips on how we …

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HSC4ME is a revolutionary all-in-one, interactive learning app that gives you access to expert HSC teachers, adaptive learning tools and thousands of practice HSC questions. HSC4Me is an app you can use everywhere you want on mobile, tablet or desktop. Some of the features include: Interactive quizzes and practice papers Subject notes & videos on …

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CQUni | Let’s talk about ATAR

Like most students, you might have a lot of questions about what an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is and what it means for you. Your ATAR is only one of many entry pathway options that will help you study the course you want at university. The great thing about CQUni is that we have …

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CQUni | What you need to know about HECS

Studying at university is an investment for your future, and with this, means there are financial and time commitments. There are many ways of offsetting your costs such as CQUni’s scholarships, part-time work and HECS-HELP. HECS is an Australian Government loan scheme that helps you defer your tuition fees. Watch CQUni’s video to find out …

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COVID-19 Student Stories

As schools across the country closed, students had to adapt to the new normal of online learning. For year 12s in particular, this has been a tough time. ABC’s Heywire has asked some year 12 students from around Australia about their experience. Watch their video diaries explaining their day-to-day life of schooling at home. Take …

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5 Study tips during CoVid-19

With some schools and universities using remote learning, and some parents choosing to keep their children home at the moment, here’s a few more ideas that could help you get the most out of your studies.   Slow down While you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do when you …

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Online tutoring – an option for boosting your education

A move away from face to face teaching in the classroom to online, remote or home learning due to the corona virus pandemic has impacted students globally. For students and parents worried about missing out or falling behind, there are options. Contact the school and let them know your concerns and struggles Join online learning …

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How Students are Dealing with Disruption

All across the country, students’ plans are being changed as learning moves to online. Events and celebrations like birthdays and graduations are on hold, and some students are wondering what the year ahead will be like. The ABC interviewed year 12 students from across Victoria about their thoughts on the current situation, and how they …

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Navigating Disrupted Schooling

In these uncertain times it can be hard to stay focused on the future. Even though your study plans may have been disrupted, there are still things you can do to stay on track. QUT’s Jill Willis has written a great article with some tips for students in year 12 on how to take advantage …

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7 ways to set yourself up for online learning

With schooling potentially moving to online or remote learning, your school is probably providing amazing communication about what is expected to happen and what you’ll need. Here’s our take on how you can get ready for some distance learning.   Create a study space You’re going to need a space in the house where you …

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USQ Beyond the Books Online Series

USQ released a series of webinars all about issues relevant to students, such as assessment management, careers, study tips and more. Even though these webinars are aimed at uni students, they still contain heaps of valuable information for high school students, and can help you decide whether further study is right for you. Check them …

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Tour the World’s Most Famous Museums Without Leaving Your House

Museums and galleries can hold some incredibly interesting things – but a lot of them are all the way on the other side of the world. Google has teamed up with some of the world’s most famous museums to create virtual tours, meaning you can explore their collections without even having to leave the house. …

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Resources for the UCAT

If you’re thinking of studying medicine, you will probably need to sit the UCAT at some point this year. Matrix Education has heaps of great resources available to help you prepare for the UCAT, including an online practice test and UCAT preparation courses. Find out more here: https://www.matrix.edu.au/ucat-courses/

Tips to Ace High School from a Tennis Prodigy

Ameliija Swaffer-Selff has just finished high school, graduating with an impressive OP1 – all while training to become one of the next great tennis players. From the small town of Moura in Queensland, she shared some tips with the ABC that helped her balance school and sports successfully. Of course, dedication, hard work and motivation …

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InspirED HSC Kickstart Seminars

InspirED are running a series of HSC Kickstart Seminars over January and February. Each of their subject-specific seminars will give you a deeper insight and help you achieve your best for the year. They have seminars running from Monday 21 to Wednesday 23 January at UTS, as well as on Sunday 9, 16 and 23 …

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6 alternative study tips

6 alternative study tips

By this stage of the school year, study and revision might be feeling like a never ending slog. So we’ve come up with 6 alternative study tips that might just refresh your revision and exam time mood. Have a post-it note frenzy Write facts, figures, informational titbits, equations, anything useful at all really on a …

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My Year 12 Life

There’s a lot happening in your life in year 12 – not just school, but friends, family, relationships, hobbies… how do people deal with it all? My Year 12 Life is a series that follows 14 students in year 12 from all around Australia as they battle through their last year of schooling. See how …

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UTAS Scholarship Applications Close Soon

Don’t forget, applications for scholarships at the University of Tasmania close on Thursday 31 October. If you are hoping to study at UTAS and want to get some financial help, take a look at their scholarships on offer and apply now! See the scholarships available here: https://www.utas.edu.au/scholarships/scholarships-bursaries

University of Sydney Science Extension Mentoring Program

The University of Sydney offers a Science Extension Mentoring Program, linking high school students with PhD mentors to support their science investigation skills development during the HSC Science Extension course. The Science Extension Mentoring Program is designed to support the development of science investigation skills in high school students undertaking the Science Extension HSC course …

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ATAR Notes HSC Lectures – October School Holidays

ATAR Notes are once again hosting a series of their popular HSC Lectures during the upcoming school holidays. Running at both UTS and Macquarie University, these lectures will give you the information you need to know about acing your HSC exams. They have workshops for all subjects, including Sciences, History, English, Maths, Arts and more. …

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ATAR Notes VCE Lectures – September School Holidays

ATAR Notes are hosting another series of lectures these upcoming school holidays on VCE subjects. The lectures are delivered by past students, so you can get first-hand experience from someone who knows. Best of all, they’re completely free to attend! Sessions book out fast, so register here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/o/atar-notes-7836154781

Tips for blitzing the HSC

End of year exams are nearly here, and that means one other thing; so are results! If you’re stressed and worried about your ATAR, there are students who’ve got your back. 2018 high school graduate Adam Ma received an ATAR of 98.4 thanks to some great tips he received from his friends. And now he’s …

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Time management hack | The Pomodoro Technique

If you’re struggling to be productive, finish assignments, meet deadlines and get your revision going smoothly, the Pomodoro Technique might help you out.   Developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s, he used this technique while at Uni. It could help you get more done – and that includes more fun. It’s all about …

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ATAR Revision Help

With end of year exams looming, you might need a little extra help or motivation to get studying. Past papers are a good way to practise. Here’s a great resource for past exam papers in your state. We’ve also found a few other courses or programs that may help. WA Academic Task Force have study …

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Adelaide Uni PCE | SACE Revision Courses 2019

The University of Adelaide PCE are offering SACE stage II revision courses at their City Campus. Designed to help you revise by consolidating your knowledge, get answers in specific areas and help you gain confidence in preparing for the SACE Year 12 exams. You’ll also get study skills tips and learn techniques specific to the …

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MedEntry Online UCAT Preparation Course

MedEntry is a company that offers a comprehensive online UCAT preparation course. Through their online learning platform you will have access to hundreds of resources, including ten full-length practise exams. Being fully online gives you the flexibility to study for the UCAT from anywhere at anytime. They also have a MedEntry Smartphone App, allowing you …

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HSC CoWorks

HSC CoWorks offer a HSC preparation program for students in years 11 & 12, with locations in Bondi Junction, Chatswood, Dee Why and Mosman, as well as an online option. By attending 2 sessions per week, students will have access to the following: Support with essay writing, exam performance, study techniques as well as individual …

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ATAR Holiday Revision Program

Academic Group in Perth is running a series of ATAR revision workshops throughout the October school holidays to help you prepare for exams. They offer workshops for students in years 11 and 12 in a variety of subjects, including: Business (Accounting & Economics) STEM (Biology, Physics, Chemistry & Maths) English Law Modern History Study Skills …

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ATAR Prep | Past Papers

A great way to revise, is to find past exam papers and do them.   Why? Because practise could really help you improve your performance in exams.   Take it seriously Pretend you’re in an exam, set the timer and get the questions answered. Then mark your papers to see how you’ve done. If you …

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SCSA Exam Information 2019

WA’s School Curriculum and Standards Authority have information available for high schools about the upcoming exams. The Year 12 Information Handbook for 2019 has been published, in a downloadable format. It could be a good idea to download it and have a read through it now, note down any important dates and information, that way …

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VCAA Exam Timetable 2019

The VCE Timetable is available on the VCAA website, you can check your subjects dates and times of the exams, put them in your calendars and start counting down. The main written exams will start on Monday 28 October 2019 and finish up on Wednesday 20 November. Oral exams and other dates do apply, so …

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TASC Exam dates 2019

TASC have published the External assessment dates for 2019.  Written exams for 2019 will be held from Monday 11 November – Thursday 21 November. The exam guide and information about where you’ll be sitting your exams will be published by TASC later in October. If you’re taking any subjects which require folio submission, oral work, …

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QCAA Exam Timetable 2019

High school students in Queensland, have you checked the exam timetable yet to find out your exam dates? If not you’ll be able to find your subjects on the Senior External Examination 2019 timetable. Oral Exams in-person will be happening on a Saturday in October, the exact date is yet to be confirmed, so keep …

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NTCET Exam Timetable 2019

SACE have published the Exam Timetable for 2019 for Northern Territory high school students.  You can look up your subjects, see when any written or oral exams will be taking place and how long they are. SACE have put out a disclaimer as well, it states that “dates displayed may differ from your internal school …

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SACE Exam timetable 2019

Students in South Australia, you can now check your exam dates for 2019. (With the exception of oral exam dates, which will be available in early September). Exams will start on Wednesday 23 October 2019 and will finish on Monday 18 November 2019. You can see when your exams will be held and how long …

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NESA 2019 HSC Information

For students in NSW in Years 10, 11 and 12, NESA have a host of information available to help ensure you don’t miss out on anything important. All the 2019 HSC Key Dates are listed, including exam dates, links to HSC showcases and exhibitions of student work. Exams start in Term 4 from Thursday 17 …

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ATAR Prep | 5 tips

Exams might not start until Term 4, but it’s probably not the best idea to leave everything until then. If you’re not already organised and started your revision already, here’s some ideas of how you can start preparing for your exams now.   Forward Planning Check and then double check all your exam dates, deadlines …

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Got a study plan?

Got a study plan?

Revision can be challenging. Going over everything you’ve learned, and often when you’re feeling under more pressure to retain the information. Have you got a study plan? If not maybe it’s time to consider writing one for yourself.   Why should you make the effort? Writing out a plan won’t take you long, but it …

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WSU Free HSC Study Sessions

Western Sydney University is running free HSC Study Sessions from Monday 8 to Friday 12 July, at their Campbelltown and Penrith campuses. These workshops will help give you a solid understanding of HSC exam techniques, subject knowledge, and HSC preparation skills. View the full session schedule and register your attendance here.

University of Sydney | HSC Preparation Workshops

The University of Sydney’s intensive HSC holiday workshop is a valuable complement to your school studies. Students will receive a solid induction into HSC exam technique, and critical subject-matter knowledge. They are running workshops in many subjects, including: Biology English Chemistry Legal Studies Business Studies Economics Physics Exam Preparation Mathemtics Study Skills The workshops will …

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ATAR Notes – HSC Lectures

During the school holidays, ATAR Notes are holding a variety of Trial Revision Lectures for students who will be undertaking the HSC. They are held at the University of Technology in Sydney, and feature many subjects including Physics, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Legal Studies, Ancient History and more! The lectures are scheduled from Monday 8 to …

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ATAR Notes – VCE Lectures

During the school holidays, ATAR Notes are holding a variety of Trial Revision Lectures for students who will be undertaking the VCE. They are held at RMIT University in Melbourne, and feature many subjects including Physics, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Legal Studies, Ancient History and more! The lectures are scheduled from Monday 1 to Thursday 4 …

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UQ Year 10 Subject Selection Guide

The University of Queensland have produced a five-step guide to planning your future study options. If you’re in Year 10 and are interested in going to Uni after high school, you can explore careers and courses that you could study at UQ. There’s a really easy to understand guide detailing the courses on offer, along with …

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Guide to university for Year 10 students | Deakin University

Deakin have taken the approach of helping Year 10 students explore their future study options, and narrow down subject selections to make now based on what they think they might be interested in doing at Uni. There’s lots of useful advice and tips you can learn from this guide if you’re planning on going to …

Guide to university for Year 10 students | Deakin University Read More »

Year 10 Subject Selection Guide | University of Sydney 2020

If you’re in Year 10 and have already identified the University of Sydney as being a University you’re interested in attending, you might like to read their tips about subject selection in high school. To get accepted on to lots of University courses, you’ll need to have successfully completed certain (prerequisite) subjects in Years 11 …

Year 10 Subject Selection Guide | University of Sydney 2020 Read More »

VTAC Year 10 Guide – 2019

VTAC’s step-by-step guide for year 10 students making subject selections is out now. It contains lots of information and activities, and will show you how to start the decision making process and set future goals for yourself. There’s an explantation about the Victorian high school qualifications, tips for researching tertiary (after high school) education options. …

VTAC Year 10 Guide – 2019 Read More »

QTAC’s Year 10 Guide

Going into Year 10 and choosing the subjects you’d like to study in your senior years can be exciting, and also a little bit daunting. QTAC have put together a really handy PDF guide that could help you navigate this period more easily. It contains tonnes of information about how to choose subjects that will …

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UAC’s Subject Compass

In Year 10, students finally get the chance to make choices about which subjects they’d like to study (and which ones you can finally drop). Whilst that’s great on most levels, actually making the decisions isn’t always easy. Choosing subjects that you like and that you’re good at are the best ways to choose what …

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10 study tips to help beat stress

Whether you’re in Year 9 or Year 12, stress can sometimes be overwhelming. Studying is a habit and the good news, is that you can train yourself into good habits. Taking some time to organise and prepare yourself now, could save you some stressing towards the exam periods. Here’s 10 study tips that could help …

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Study Hacks to Ace Your Exams

Try these incredible ‘Study Hacks’ from Student Super and see if it makes a difference to your results this year. https://www.studentsuper.com.au/blog/study-hacks-to-improve-your-memory-and-ace-your-exams/

13 simple ways to study more effectively – from Deakin Uni

Exams, essays and projects can be a stressful prospect for even the most level-headed students. The nerves are there for good reason. Exams are daunting. Essays and projects take hard work. You need to be able to recall and communicate all the relevant information that was crammed into your comprehensive syllabus. And you need to do so in …

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Getting ahead in Year 12

You’ve probably been inundated with posts about how to do well in Year 12 already, but we thought this was a good one too. ‘My Advice for anyone starting Year 12‘ – check it out. They have 6 tips that you might find useful. Warning: just letting you know this article contains swearing (no, we didn’t …

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Welcome back

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Ready to make 2019 amazing? Us too.   School’s just starting up, and it’s a great time to get yourself set up with a positive mindset.   That positive mindset will make it easier for you to perform at your best, recover from any setbacks you might face this year, and tackle choosing what you …

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Exam ready?

You’ve worked hard all year, and now it’s time to show what you’ve learnt. Exam prep can be stressful. That’s why we’ve put together these exam prep tips to follow – they’ll help you keep your cool and be the Exam Boss you were born to be. The Day Before Schedule a final revision session …

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Our Top 9 Study Tips

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Year 12 exams are coming up and it’s time to get revising. It probably seems like a completely overwhelming chore, and you’re doing everything you can to put it off. Well don’t – if you haven’t already started, then it’s time to get organised.   We’re all different and have different ways of studying: Are …

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How to be ready for exam time

How to be ready for exam time

Everyone has a different way of studying. Some get up early, some stay up late, some do it by reading, some do it by listening. Some even say that coffee is critical (tip: it’s not). No matter what you do, the most important thing is to find the best way for you to study, understand …

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