Changing your preferences is simple

If you’re planning on going to university next year then you’ll already know about choosing your preferences, but did you know you can also change them, even after they’ve been submitted?

If you’ve done better (or worse) than you expected, have new knowledge which has changed your mind, or just want to choose a different path, then you have options.

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Do you need to change your preferences?

Good question.

It depends on how much time you spent choosing your university preferences in the first place, and whether or not you’re happy with what you’ve chosen. Your number one preference should always be the course you really really want to get into for next year. The other courses act as back ups, and increase your chances of getting a place, even if it’s not the one you’ve been dreaming of.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Is my first preference also the course I want above all the others?
  • Have I selected a couple of ‘second best’ courses which I want almost as much?
  • Do I have one or two ‘safe’ options with lower requirements at the end of my preference list?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all these questions then chances are that your preferences are in the right order.

don’t panic

You got a better (or worse) ATAR than you expected

We hear this all the time – it’s normal to either over or underestimate your ATAR before you sit your exams, but if you’ve received a surprise you can fix up your preferences before you receive your offers.

Didn’t do as well as you hoped?
If you don’t like your chances with your existing preferences, swap out your fourth, fifth, or sixth preferences for courses with lower guaranteed ATARs. If you still want your first preference then LEAVE IT ALONE – you never know your luck and you may still get an offer for it. The other courses can be your backups.

Exceeded your expectations?
Congratulations! Remember, wasting a ‘good’ ATAR isn’t a thing, so if you still want your preferences in that order then LEAVE THEM ALONE. On the other hand, if you’d discounted your preferred choice because you thought it was out of reach, now is the right time to bring it into play.

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