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The core Skills

We believe there are ten core or 'soft' skills

Core skills, which are also sometimes known as soft skills, help you succeed at work and in life. We all have them to some degree, but working on developing your strengths in each skillset can transform how you perform. Learn about each Core Skill, and take the Skills Report to see where your strengths lie. 

Core Skills

Problem Solving

Effective problem solvers are able to identify existing and potential problems, then develop a solution to address them.

Critical Thinking

A person who can critically analyse a situation is able to understand why something has happened, rather than taking a situation at face value.


Known for out of the box thinking, people with strong creative thinking skills can analyse a problem and workshop alternative solutions.

Planning and Organisation

Strong organisers can juggle multiple responsibilities, stay on top of their task list, and ensure deadlines are adhered to.

Entrepreneurial Skills

People with strong entrepreneurial skills are innovative, motivated, and able to work independently.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Good collaborators are able to work with others in a positive and cooperative manner to achieve a result.


Strong communicators can empathise with others, read body language, and adjust communication styles as needed for each situation.


Initiative can keep you on task and on track, and a higher level of initiative can have a big impact on what you achieve.


Resilient people are able to bounce back quickly when things go wrong, adjust their mindset to accept what’s happened and move forward positively.


Rather than letting their fears slow them down, adaptable people are able to quickly adjust to the new situation and make the most of it.


Want to learn about your strengths? Take the Skills Test and get your Core Skills Report to find out. It’s quick, easy, and will give you some easy ways to improve your performance. 

Skills Report
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