Respectful Relationships Education Toolkit

OurWatch supports schools in delivering respectful relationships education, developed as part of the Respectful Relationships Education in Schools (RREiS) pilot. A whole of school approach to respectful relationships education not only provides in-class education, but addresses your school’s culture, policies and procedures, and promotes gender equality among your staff. Every school is different. Respectful relationships …

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Should I drop a subject

Should I drop a subject?

Senior high school is tough! You’re busy with school, extra curriculars, and maybe even working part time too. You might also be learning to drive, expected to do more at home, then there’s all the life admin you’ve suddenly got to deal with…and a social life to consider. So it’s understandable that when you’re thinking …

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How to cope with bad world news

When bad news breaks, it can be hard to escape from it. You might find it tricky to unplug or think about other things. It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed by the news, especially when good news stories can seem harder to come by. So, if you’re feeling down about the world, Reach Out have …

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How to motivate your teen for school

Many teenagers have found focusing on their studies difficult, particularly in recent years with the disruptions of lockdowns and the pandemic. So, if your teen is not feeling particularly excited about heading back to school, Reach Out has some tips on how to inspire them and boost their motivation. Read the full article here:

Connecting what you have achieved to where you want to go

By Julie Dal Santo from My Career Capital Achievements are often personal. Each of us will have different versions of what success looks like. In the classroom, achievement can often be talked about in terms of getting high marks. Whilst this is important, if we broaden our view to look at all the information that …

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R U OK?Day at School

R U OK?Day is Thursday 8 September. R U OK? have released a range of tailored resources to help you bring R U OK?Day to your school community. Find lesson plans for all year groups, activities, videos and more:

Reach Out Wellbeing Fives

Energise, refocus and develop wellbeing in your students. Wellbeing Fives are five-minute activities to use in your classroom, homeroom or assembly structures. This will provide you with: Whole-class and individual activities Activities to get your students thinking and moving Ideas for energising and refocusing, building relationships, improving communication, developing problem-solving skills and enhancing wellbeing in …

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How students can successfully keep track of their achievements

By Julie Dal Santo from My Career Capital The term ‘Career Capital’ refers to the unique and valuable skills, knowledge, connections, and credentials that allow a person to have impact in their job. We all have career capital. What differs is how we each manage our own career capital. Our days are filled with taking …

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How to help your teen make good decisions about school and life

Good decision-making skills can help your teen make good choices and set them up for success later in life. Teens can face many challenges at school that require them to make choices, such as the transition to high school, selecting subjects, bullying, friendships, and exam stress. Spark their Future has provided five steps you can …

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Checking in with yourself

When you’re not feeling so hot, it can be tricky figuring out what’s wrong. It’s easy to get swept up in life’s responsibilities – from school, to work, to keeping up relationships with friends and dealing with expectations from family. Take this quiz from ReachOut to check in with yourself. They can help you pinpoint …

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In-school Workshops for Students and Teachers

If you’re looking to boost your students’ engagement and knowledge, there are a whole host of companies that offer workshops and presentations that can be delivered directly in your classroom. From STEM to entrepreneurship, careers, leadership skills and future building, there are lots of options out there, many of which can be tailored to your …

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High Resolves Program

High Resolves delivers citizenship education experiences that help students develop critical life skills. Educators can customise our learning programs to help students explore social responsibility, empathy and resilience, and learn how to think independently, collaborate and problem-solve. We have a range of solutions aligned to Australian curriculum objectives, including: Immersive workshops for high school students, …

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When is the right time to start learning about careers?

When is the right time to start learning about careers?

Welcome to the next article in our National Careers Week series – the theme for 2022 is “Career. More than just a job” and we’ve taken an in-depth look into what your career actually is, and what you can do to take control over it. Today, we think about when we should start teaching about …

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R U OK? Educator Hub

The R U OK? Educator Hub contains a variety of free resources, activities and presentations for schools, to help primary and secondary students to understand more about R U OK? and looking out for one another. The new R U OK? secondary schools presentation can be utilised by anyone who wants to introduce high school …

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achievable goals

Setting achievable goals

When it comes to setting goals, the sky’s the limit, right? But there’s a difference between setting goals that sound good, and ones that are actually achievable. If we set achievable goals, we’re much more likely to follow through and complete it. That’s not to say you can’t aim high – but you need to …

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types of goals

Types of goals

We’ve done some deep thinking over the past few weeks about who we are and the things we want – now it’s time to get into the nitty gritty. Let’s start setting some goals! When it comes to goals, the sky’s the limit. You can set any goal you’d like. Big, small, or anywhere in …

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If at first you don't succeed…

If at first you don’t succeed…

  Persistence   It sounds a bit boring really. Like it’s a personality trait that’s not going to find itself on a motivational poster anytime soon. (I actually searched for motivational posters with ‘persistence’ and found ones with frogs, pencils, and rocks. Not exactly inspiring.)   Persistence noun continuing in an opinion or course of action …

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your allies

Who are your allies?

Sometimes life can get rough. The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to do it alone. Your allies are people who are by your side through tough times – whether it’s at school or at home, it’s important to have people in your life who can help you work through issues and …

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What drives you

What drives you?

Finding our motivation   We’re all motivated by different things. By finding what drives us, we can start to narrow down our potential options for future careers. Most people are motivated by a combination of things, rather than just one specific thing. Some people find that there is one particular thing that drives them much …

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New Year, New Start

New Year is usually a time for celebrating. A New Year symbolises fresh starts, new beginnings and looking towards the future with hopeful optimism. You could make this New Year’s the year when you begin to turn your dreams and aspirations into reality. Setting goals is one way that could help you to achieve success. …

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The importance of rest

The importance of rest

The importance of rest   It’s been another huge year. We’ve all been through a lot, and it’s understandable if you’re feeling a bit worn down. Thankfully, the holidays are here, and it’s a great time to wind down and catch up on some much-needed rest.   The benefits of rest   We all know …

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Reflect on your year

Reflect on your year

There’s no doubt that this has been a big year. You’ve probably overcome lots of obstacles and kicked some goals, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Looking back and reflecting on our achievements helps us feel fulfilled. We get to see what we found meaningful throughout the year, and start looking ahead at ways …

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don't waste your summer holidays

Make the most of your summer holidays

It’s been a really long year, and your well-earned summer break is nearly here. You don’t need permission to relax, recover and recharge so that you’re ready for next year. Don’t feel pressured into doing anything you don’t want to either. But the long summer holidays can be an opportunity (if you have the energy) …

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Workshopping your future

We don’t need a crystal ball to work out what’s coming. Life is… pretty predictable. Sure, some things change, if you want to get an inkling of how things are going to turn out you can follow in the footsteps of those who’ve come before. Not literally, none of us will tread the exact same …

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The Learning Curve Wellbeing Program

The Learning Curve is a structured 48 week student wellbeing program helping students to become their best possible selves. Weekly topics and activities are derived from a combination of six equally important elements which when exercised in conjunction with each other can show how healthy a student’s state of wellbeing is. The Learning Curve program …

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World Mental Health Day 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for managing our mental health. Lockdowns, social distancing requirements, travel restrictions, and the constantly changing position we find ourselves in is stressful. This makes prioritising our mental health and wellbeing more important than ever. This year, World Mental Health Day is on October 10. The message is …

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Children’s Activities for Child Protection Week

Each year NAPCAN provides fun children’s activities to support their promotion of National Child Protection Week. This booklet aims to help start conversations with parents, carers and children about the importance of community in improving the outcomes for all Australia’s children and young people. National Child Protection Week runs from 5-11 September 2021. Download a …

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Learn the Fundamentals of Self-awareness with Grandshake

Grandshake’s 40-minute Fundamentals of Self-Awareness microprogram is a step-by-step guide to jumpstarting your personal development, and becoming the person you want to be. Learn how to identify healthy and unhealthy patterns of behaviour and emotions; how to overcome common barriers to mindfulness; and how to accept yourself. This program contains practical strategies and exercises to …

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Career Trivia and I Am Worksheets

We’ve put together three rounds or careers trivia with everything you’ll need including answer sheets for the students to fill in, plus an instruction sheet, list of questions and the answers for Teacher use only. The pack also incorporates an “I Am” sheet that could be used in addition to the quiz or as a …

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ABC Education Resources

Looking for some great content you can use in the classroom, whether you’re teaching in class or virtually? ABC Education is packed with a whole heap of videos, lessons, articles, and heaps more content, all mapped to the Australian curriculum. And the best part is they’re all free to use. ABC Education has content for …

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Short Course in the Fundamentals of Communication with Grandshake

In this short, 40-minute microprogram you will learn verbal and non-verbal communication skills including how to be a better listener, mastering your first impression, the art of persuasion and how to control the flow of the conversation. Learning the skills to communicate more effectively will help you in all areas of life. Is this for …

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National Careers Week Information Sheets

National Careers Week have developed some great resources you can provide to students. They have created a variety of information sheets on different sections of careers development, including resume writing, interviews, networking, skills, self-awareness, and much more. The sheets can be downloaded for free from the National Careers Week website here: The 2021 National …

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Every BODY is Deadly

Anybody, from any mob, can have eating or body concerns. Eating or body image concerns can weaken your mind, body and spirit. It’s not about your body size – and it’s different for different people. But reaching out to talk it out with friends, family or the Butterfly free Helpline can help – Butterfly is …

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Spark their Future

Spark their Future is a resource developed by the Queensland Government to help parents connect with their children and help them find passion in their school and life. By supporting their child’s spark and unique interests, parents can help their child build resilience, enhanced sense of self and build relevance and meaning in their education. …

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Digital Mental Health Resources for Young People

Digital Mental Health (e-mental health) is services, programs or applications, delivered via online, mobile or phone based platforms, that may be self-driven or involve real time or delayed interaction with a clinician or other support person. Digital Mental Health services and programs allow Australians to access mental health information and support at any time and …

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Safe on Social Toolkit

Safe on Social Toolkits provide schools and parents with an array of resources developed by leading cyber safety experts and offers the most current and engaging online safety information available. There are toolkits made for both schools and parents. The school toolkit includes: 50+ Easy to Understand Teacher Cheat Sheets Monthly Parent Resources Alerts on …

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Climate Schools Program

Climate Schools is the most innovative and engaging way to empower students to gain knowledge about their health and wellbeing. Aiming to change and reinvigorate the school climate around alcohol and other drug education, the modules provide curriculum-consistent health education courses proven to reduce harm and improve student well-being. By implementing these user-friendly evidence-based programs …

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Career Teaching Resources

Career Worksheet – Self Awareness

This worksheet is designed to get your students thinking about their strengths and interests. You could incorporate this worksheet into a lesson on self-awareness, helping students to uncover what makes them unique. Students could discuss common strengths and interests in groups or as a class before filling out the worksheet, and then refer to their …

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Writing Activities Study Work Grow

Career Lesson Writing Activities

We’ve put together a range of writing prompt worksheets for you to use with students in class. Use them to start a discussion amongst students, or insert them into your career lessons. Each activity is structured to get students thinking about one of the key Careers and Work Studies topics. Students are prompted to think …

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Yarn Safe with headspace

Yarn Safe is a youth-lead mental health initiative for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. If you’ve got a lot going on in your life, there are heaps of resources you can check out to help you or someone else doing it tough. There’s no shame in talking it out. Take a look at …

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Bond | Medical Program Information Session

Do you have questions about Bond’s Medical Program? The Bond University Medical Program offers students opportunities to bring to life their ambitions to become outstanding practitioners, thinkers, and leaders, well equipped to deliver evidence-based, patient-centered health care that meets the needs of a diverse community. We invite you to join the Dean of Medicine who will provide an …

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Spill the Beans

Spill the Beans is like TED Talks for kids, by kids. It’s a global platform for kids to tell the truth. Spill the Beans creates online and in person events, enabling kids to voice their ideas, stories and inspiration. Our incredible kids get to unleash their inner voice on our global platform. We offer these …

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MyFuture – Resources for Teachers

MyFuture is a national career information service that helps guide young people towards their path to the future. They have a huge variety of resources available for teachers and careers advisers to support their students. Here are some of their useful resources: Explore the future of work School to work pathways infographics Teaching resources Discover …

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The Impact of Social Media – an elite sport perspective to aid conversations with young people

Often parents, educators, coaches and business leaders share their deep concerns with us around the impact of social media on their children, students, players and staff. Here’s a perspective from the elite sports arena. You may find this article useful in conversations with colleagues, parents and young people. We can all learn from this and …

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Looking for some Adventure on the School Holidays?

School holidays are nearly upon us, and you might be looking for something exciting to do over the break. Luckily, there are heaps of places that offer exciting camps and experiences for young people. Get outdoors and learn valuable skills, participate in sports and games, and make new friends at a school holiday camp. We’ve …

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Why we work

Why we work

The main reason most people get up and go to work every day is to earn money. We call this an income. In today’s world, we need money for: Paying for the home we live in How we move around, which means fuel for the car, bus passes, and train trips Buying food, clothes, books, …

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Chilled Out Online

Chilled Out is an engaging, interactive online program for 13 – 17 year olds that allows them to learn strategies to help manage anxiety. The Chilled program is a structured, skills-based program that teaches teens how to better manage anxiety. Results show most young people who complete the program experience significant improvements, with decreases in …

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Are you ready to leave school?

Are you ready to leave school?

Finalise your 2021 study or work plans   Now’s the time (if you haven’t already) to finalise what you’ll be doing next year.   Planning a gap year?   You’re perfectly entitled to take a break and have some fun. Even if international travel isn’t on the cards just yet, there is plenty that you …

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The Girls in STEM Toolkit for Schools

Girls in STEM (GiST) is filled with resources to help schools encourage and inspire female students to consider a future career in STEM. They have a huge amount of free resources available for schools, including lesson plans, tips on gender-inclusive teaching, ideas on supporting girls in STEM, resources for careers advisers, and more. Take a …

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The Girls in STEM Toolkit

Interested in a future in STEM? The Girls in STEM Toolkit (GiST) is an online resource designed to help you discover what your future career in STEM might hold. On their website you can explore the variety of STEM careers out there, hear stories from women making a difference in the world, listen to STEM-based …

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Navigator Youth Development Program

Navigator Youth Development Program will give you personal motivation, boost your self-esteem and confidence, and provide you with the skills to map your journey of self-discovery. Through adventure, laughter and some one-on-one with the wilderness, you’ll find you’re capable of more than you thought possible. Navigator is a 12-day personal development program for youth aged …

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Indigenous Junior Land and Sea Ranger Program

Queensland Indigenous land and sea rangers recognise the importance of educating the next generation about looking after country. Through the Junior Ranger program, delivered by teams across the state, the land and sea rangers educate young people in their communities about natural and cultural resource management, and the importance of caring for country. Activities may …

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Cyber Safety Teacher Resources

SBS have created a resource for teachers to use in the classroom to talk to students about cyber safety, cyberbullying and image sharing. The resource contains video clips from the television show The Hunting and accompanying tools to help build a discussion in the classroom around cyber safety issues. Take a look at the resource …

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University of Melbourne | Skills and Careers for the 21st Century: Where to from here?

Even prior to the pandemic, the 21st Century had started to require different sets of skills and attitudes in understanding what skills are important for rapidly changing industries. The current pandemic has only escalated these changes. As a result, students are expected to have a very different skills profile by the time they graduate from …

University of Melbourne | Skills and Careers for the 21st Century: Where to from here? Read More »

Satellite Connect Youth Online

Having a parent with a mental illness or mental health challenge can be hard. At Satellite Foundation we understand that keeping connected with others who share similar experiences can help. Satellite Connect Youth is a safe and supportive online program for anyone in Australia aged 14 – 17 years who has a parent with a …

Satellite Connect Youth Online Read More »

Be a Conservation Volunteer with Projects Abroad

Do you want to do more to protect the environment and endangered animals? Do you enjoy the great outdoors? Are you interested in a career in conservation someday? Volunteering with Projects Abroad could be the perfect experience for you. You’ll learn directly from conservation experts, and do work that has a tangible impact on local …

Be a Conservation Volunteer with Projects Abroad Read More »

NSW Police Eligibility Quiz

Are you considering a career in the police force? Wondering if you are the right person for the job? You can take an eligibility quiz on the NSW Police Force’s website to see if it would be the right career for you. Take the quiz here:

Teacher Career Path Handbook

Designed for anyone considering a career in teaching, the Handbook introduces potential teachers to the in’s and out’s of the role. Find out if you have the necessary skills and attributes to become a teacher, then learn about pathways to help you get to where you want to go. The Handbook is FREE for Study …

Teacher Career Path Handbook Read More »

Torrens University Australia Career Crush Quiz

Want to turn your natural talents into a dream job? The Torrens University Australia Career Crush is an online quiz that reveals your personal strengths, passions and aspirations to match you with the careers and courses you’re most compatible with. Career Crush not only delivers a personality profile, compatible careers and courses, but also throws …

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2 Soft Skills everyone needs – Adaptability & Flexibility

2 Soft Skills everyone needs – Adaptability & Flexibility

Traits that could help you to be successful at school, work, and in life School, uni, VET they all teach you hard skills in life and obviously that’s really important. Working on developing your soft skills is equally important. It could really pay off in applications and interviews if you can demonstrate that you’ve got …

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Why your soft skills matter

When you apply for a job you know you’ll need to have the right qualifications and technical skills, they’re the hard skills, the absolutes for each specific job. Soft skills are your personal attributes, the things that will enable you to function well in your role, work well in a team, interact with other people …

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UAC’s Course Compass

In year 12 this year but not sure what to study at uni next year? Take a look at UAC’s Course Compass, which takes the subjects you’re studying now and tells you which uni courses other students who completed the same subjects in previous years most commonly applied to. Instead of being based on your …

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UAC’s Subject Compass

In Year 10, students finally get the chance to make choices about which subjects they’d like to study (and which ones you can finally drop). Whilst that’s great on most levels, actually making the decisions isn’t always easy. Choosing subjects that you like and that you’re good at are the best ways to choose what …

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