Guide to University Early Entry 2021

Now FULLY UPDATED with all the COVID-19 changes
Find out how to get a university offer before you sit your final exams

Early Entry could help you stay calm and expand your options

Only around a quarter of students get into uni using their ATAR alone

Which means 75% of you will use another method, like Early Entry.

Applying for early entry gives you a decided advantage. You can apply (often for free) to multiple universities, then sit back and wait for the offers to come in. It’ll give you more choice, more options, and increases your chances of getting into a course you’ll love.

But unlike a standard university application, early entry can sometimes be confusing. Each university has its own program with different dates and eligibility criteria. Some programs come with in-built scholarships or accomodation guarantees, and you could end up with multiple offers to choose from.

We’ve done the research and checked with every uni across Australia to bring you this Guide, and it’s packed with the info you need to help you get an offer before you even sit your ATAR exams.

  • How to Apply
  • Application Dates
  • Notification Dates
  • Admission Criteria
  • What you get

Universities are changing and with this new guide, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the pack.

UPDATE May 2020 – We’ve gone through the Guide and updated all the programs in line with changes made due to COVID-19. There are even more programs, with extended entry dates and reduced entry criteria (which makes it easier than ever to get an offer).

Here's what people thought of last year's Early Entry Guide

“I was just sent your University Early Entry Document. OMG! It’s Unreal!”

Mr Anthony Boccanfuso, Trinity Catholic College

“I LOVE you haha seriously saved me hours and hours of time”

Ms Karen Murray, Kildare Catholic College

“This is fantastic. I am glad to see that someone has actually done it!”

Mr Wasim El-Haj, Sydney Girls High School

“This is great information and very helpful for upcoming Year 12 information evening!”

Betsy Farrugia, Marian Catholic College

“FANTASTIC!!!!! Thanks”

Virginia Pelosi, Kambala

“​Thank you! This saves me so much work!!!”

Yolanta Calvert, Windsor High School


University Early Entry 2021

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