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If you’re a creative teen thinking about future study options or a career in the arts, or wondering if your creative talents are still relevant, this talk’s for you. Liminal magazine founder and PhD student Leah Jing McIntosh and journalist and documentary filmmaker Santilla Chingaipe will survey the changing landscape of the arts in Australia, in conversation with Footscray High School student Felix Briggs.

Our panelists will discuss the value and flexibility of creative skills and critical thinking and they’ll talk frankly about the risks and difficulties of careers in the arts, too.

What do creative careers look like today? How do artists and arts workers juggle their creative pursuits with their need to make a living? Is it possible the economic and social upheavals in the post-Covid world will change the way we think about the creative industries?

Join us for a practical talk about dreams, back-up plans and creative futures.

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