PSC | “Schoolies” Photography Workshops

Workshop 1 – Develop a Style

Tuesday 30th November, 10am – 1pm (With PSC Lecturer Steph Wood)

Unleash your creativity! Together we’ll explore Australian contemporary photography. You’ll choose a photograph and then experiment with shooting in the same style. A practical immersive learning experience. Bring your camera and/or camera phone and be ready to have some fun!

Workshop 2 – Street Photography

Thursday 2nd December, 10am – 1pm (with PSC Lecturer Steph Wood)

Explore South Melbourne and the surrounding area and be ready to capture chance encounters and random incidents within these public places. Bring your camera and/or camera phone and be ready to hit the streets!

Workshop 3 – Portraiture

Thursday 9th December: 2pm – 4pm (with PSC Lecturer Mark Harper)

Go behind the scenes and learn how a professional portrait photographer works in a studio. Bring your camera and/or camera phone and be ready to shoot!

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