UQ | Queensland Biology Winter School – Year 11

The UQ Year 11 Queensland Biology Winter School (11QBWS) will provide you with a deep dive into contemporary topics in biology.

What’s involved:

  • Live and breathe biology: explore and solve challenges in contemporary topics in biology including animal physiology, marine biology, ecology and conservation biology, introductory genetics, and quantitative biology (aligned with subject matter in the QCE and IB Biology syllabuses) through interactive lectures, practicals, workshops, and tutorials.
  • Gain scientific skills in literacy, communication, and analysis of biological data (useful skills for QCE Internal Assessment 3: Research Investigation and IB Extended Essay).
  • Study with biologists who are passionate about their subject – from leading researchers to teaching specialists, and current students at the start of their research careers, all eager to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with you.
  • Make friends with other students from around the state and discover how much fun it is to be around people who love biology.

Applications will open in late April 2022.

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