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This video shows how students and parents can set up Study Work Grow access from a school email invite

A collection of our most frequently asked questions and answers

General FAQs

What does Study Work Grow do?

Study Work Grow is Australia’s #1 careers news service, designed for Careers Advisors and Guidance Counsellors at Australian Secondary Schools.

Subscribers can access an ever-expanding range of online resources, and receive our careers newsletter each week. They also get access to exclusive offers, discounts, and event previews from some of Australia’s leading universities, TAFEs, and private colleges.

How do you find the news?

Each week, our team of dedicated researchers search hundreds of resources cross-reference each with our previous news items to bring you the latest info from your state, as well as relevant national news.

How can I find out if my school has a subscription?

Ask your school’s Careers Advisor or Guidance Counsellor – they’ll be able to give you the school’s code so you can login to the system.

If your school doesn’t subscribe and you’d like them to then you can ask us, and we’ll get in touch with your Careers Advisor or Guidance Counsellor on your behalf.

What type of news do you find?

Everything that might help students build their career goes into our newsletters, including jobs, apprenticeships, internships, cadetships, university and TAFE information, resume building opportunities, open days, new university courses & campus openings, workshops, competitions, scholarships, prizes and much more.

Do you have any free resources?

Sure! We’ve built a fantastic website that’s completely free to use,.

There’s lots of information about post-school options, including information that can help you make decisions about further study, tools to help you apply for a job, and info about support services, including financial support.

Teachers are welcome to use the content from the website in class and with their students.

How do I become a member?

If your school doesn’t have a Membership you can still access all our news and resources with a Student Membership. 

Find out more here

School FAQs

How much does a School Membership cost?

We work hard to keep our Memberships as affordable as possible, and offer reduced prices for small, disadvantaged, and remote schools. 

You can find out more about how much it will cost for an annual membership for your school here

Can I share your resources with my school?

Definitely (that’s the whole point).

Your teachers and students can all sign up to receive the newsletters – we suggest getting your teachers to sign up, then they can also share items that are relevant to their subjects in class, and know about opportunities when speaking with specific students.

Your students can also access Premium Student Membership as part of your subscription. It’s easy for them to subscribe and they have full control to unsubscribe whenever they choose, and it’s a fantastic service you can offer your school community.

You have complete control over what news items your students see, and if you choose to have your own school branded website they won’t even know we exist – your website and newsletters will have your name and contact details (not ours) so you can take all the credit.

Can I try Study Work Grow before I commit?

How does a three month free trial sound? You’ll be able to explore our online resources, create your own newsletters (entirely school branded), and plan your year with our events calendar. 

We’ll even build you your own school website which you can start using straight away. You’ll also have unlimited access to our Guides for three full months. 

Can I share news items and events on my social media pages or in my own newsletters?

You’re welcome to share the news items, events, and resources as much as you like.

When you share items (for example on Facebook), your students and parents can click the link, log in, and view the item on their PC, mobile or tablet.

Can I control the type of news my students see?

We recognise that every school is different, and that not all schools want to see the same news. It can be difficult to reach students at the best of times, and bombarding them with irrelevant information can make them ‘tune out’.

So you can choose the type of information they see, and how often they see it.

For example, if you live in Sydney you might not want your students to see information for people living on the North Coast of NSW. And schools in Albury-Wodonga may want to see information for Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, as well as news from their region. Wherever you live, we’ll make sure you only see news from the regions you’re interested in.

You can also choose to exclude certain types of information, such as removing articles about School-Based VET if your students aren’t offered it. When you sign up you’ll be able to choose the types of news items and events you want to see.

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