Comprehensive, Up-To-Date Information

Access to the right information is critical if you want to make informed decisions about your career

Staying on top of what’s happening doesn’t need to be a battle

We proactively search for the latest information, and undertake in-depth research to find out the things you need to know.

We empower members with the latest careers news and information across a huge range of topics

There’s a lot of information out there, and making sense of your options can feel impossible. Since 2006 we’ve been proactively searching for information you can use in your decision making process.

We search for news in all the regular places (like Universities, TAFEs, major employers and student welfare bodies), but we also look into opportunities that you may otherwise have missed. We post about every niche scholarship, rural event, and local work experience position that crosses our desk.

If it’s related to careers, tertiary study, or life post-school, we’ve got it covered

You’ll find information from a huge variety of sources, including:

  • Universities & Private Tertiary Institutions
  • TAFEs as well as VET and Apprenticeship providers
  • Employers, from small local opportunities right through to major nation-wide employers
  • Government and Council careers departments
  • Scholarship Providers
  • Community Organisations, Charities & Volunteer Coordinators
  • The Australian Defence Force, AFP, and various state Police Forces
  • Enrichment Programs, School Holiday Programs, and much more

Take advantage of our strong industry relationships

We’ve built strong partnerships with many of Australia’s finest Universities, education providers and apprenticeship organisations, so we can bring you the latest news from every source.

You can relax knowing we check the information we deliver at the source, and we invite universities and other stakeholders to contribute to all our Guides and Newsletters. And in an age of advertising we remain unbiased – we include every piece of information that comes across our desk that we feel could benefit students.

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