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With just one click, you can download PDF careers newsletters that’ll save you time and make your role easier

It’s easy to supply your students with high-quality PDF careers newsletters

Providing students with opportunities can be a challenge, but we make life easier for hundreds of Careers Advisors across Australia.

There’s no need to spend hours creating your own newsletters, just download ours and share them with your students. Each newsletter is packed with the latest careers events, student resources and job information, and delivered in a safe format they can download and use on their PC, tablet or mobile device.

Engage your students with quality information

We know it can be a struggle to supply students with the information they need. They want to engage with resources that are visually attractive, professional, and informative, but our PDF newsletters can help you reach them with the information they need in the format they prefer.

It takes just seconds to download the PDF newsletters to your system, and there is no editing or formatting required. From there, you can quickly upload the PDF into your school intranet or send it to students via email.

Australian careers news for Australian students

Our research team have been busy collecting useful information since 2006, which means we know what to look for, and where to look for it.

We’ve also built strong relationships with Australian universities, training providers, employers and other groups, which allows us to bring you the insider information you won’t get anywhere else. They tell us that Study Work Grow members are some of the best applicants – knowledgeable about their options and ready for an exciting career.

Tailor-made for students (and their Careers Advisors)

Thousands of students and parents from across Australia are members of Study Work Grow, and they love to give us feedback.

We’ve listened to what they said, and the weekly PDF newsletter is designed for them – it contains the kind of information they ask us for, such as events, resources, scholarships and information, and is structured so it’s easy for them to find what they need.

Plus, our news is unbiased and ad-free, meaning they can trust what we deliver and make up their own minds about what happens next.

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