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Keep track of all your achievements so it’s easy to share them with potential employers

On average, an employer will spend 3 seconds on each resume

That means you have less than 3 seconds to grab their attention and keep them reading. A professional resume can make all the difference in a competitive job market.

We make it easy to create a resume that’ll get noticed, plus it’s easy to keep it up to date with all your latest achievements.

Create an online portfolio you can be proud to share

Do you keep track of all the good things you do? Finding a job and advancing your career depends on knowing what you’re worth.

But vital accomplishments are often left off resume’s simply because we can’t remember everything. That’s where your online Portfolio comes in – start by adding the basics, then update it whenever you win an award, finish a course, learn a language, or start a new job.

What’s difference between a Portfolio and a Resume?

Your portfolio is the place where you store all the information, and your resume is a summary of your achievements, specifically designed to be read by a prospective employer.

Think of your Portfolio as an online filing cabinet – one you can access from anywhere and easily share with prospective employers.

We make it easy to stand out from the crowd

It only takes minutes to set up your Portfolio, and we’ll remind you to add new items regularly via email. You can update your portfolio from your phone or tablet, and the changes will show up immediately in your resume.

Your resume has been designed to deliver all the information employers look for and conforms to all the normal resume-conventions – all you need to do is check your spelling.


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