School Careers Hub

Put everything your students need at their fingertips with a school-branded Careers Hub

Motivate your students with the Careers and Further Study information they need in the one place

It’s easy to communicate with all of your students, create customised newsletters, and post information about Careers and Further Study – including your regularly requested forms and documents.

Your students can quickly and easily activate their free Study Work Grow membership from your Careers Hub, which gives them access to all our resources include the news and events, scholarships database, our comprehensive Guides and the online portfolio creator.

Streamline student communication and enhance your careers program

Your School’s Careers Hub makes it easy for you to collect all the information and resources your students need in the one place.

It’s easy to add your school-specific resources, such as work experience forms, local events, and contact details, alongside our powerful suite of careers resources, making it easier for students and parents to access opportunities without needing to check multiple sources.

Resources and features you’ll love

Your Careers Hub is packed with things your students need:

  • Your School-branded Careers Newsletter – you can easily adjust your preferences and Careers Advisors can create professional PDF newsletters to use however they like
  • Careers Advisor Profiles
  • An online appointment booking system
  • A message board to help you communicate with students
  • A section where you can upload Forms and Documents
  • Links to all our pages and resources

Do you want something we don’t currently offer? Let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Let us keep your Hub up to date

We manage your Careers Hub on your behalf, which means there’s nothing you need to update or add. We add all the latest news, events, Guides, and more into your Hub, keeping the information fresh for your students.

You can choose to add your own profile and personal touches to your Careers Hub (it takes about 10 minutes to create a profile and add a ‘hello’ message), but if you’re busy, like many careers advisors, then you don’t need to lift a finger and it will still work perfectly.

Ready to learn more?

Check out these other great features

Online Portfolio
Keep track of all your achievements so it’s easy to share them with potential employers

Create Custom Newsletters
It takes less than a minute to create your own school-branded custom PDF Careers Newsletter

Comprehensive, Up-To-Date Information
Access to the right information is critical if you want to make informed decisions about your career

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