Create Custom Newsletters

It takes less than a minute to create your own school-branded custom PDF Careers Newsletter

Save time and let us generate professional, school-branded Careers Newsletters for your school community

It’s never been easier to create a school-branded Careers Newsletter that contains all the information your students need each week.

Your Newsletter Creator is already set up and ready to use – no more editing Word Docs each week, simply select your preferences and your newsletter is ready to go, no work required.

Build confidence in your Careers Program and engage your students with school-branded Newsletters

Your students are more likely to read and engage with information they trust. That’s why we’ve designed our Newsletter Creator to look just like it’s come from your Careers Department, plus it only contains information that’s relevant to your students.

Include your logo at the top, and once you’ve created your Careers Advisor profile your contact details will appear at the end, making it easy for students and parents to follow up with you directly.

Send it out or let us do it for you, the choice is yours

You can download a PDF copy of your Newsletter any time, making it easy to upload into school intranet systems and message boards.

Alternatively, you can let us handle it for you – once your students create their Study Work Grow profile attached to your school Careers Hub they’ll receive a summary of the most exciting news, as well a link to your online Careers Newsletter each week. You won’t need to lift a finger and your students and parents will receive a fully school-branded experience with the latest news, so you can focus on supporting your students, and not on creating your newsletters.

Careers Advisors have been trusting our news service for years

And we hear again and again that our news is the most comprehensive and up-to-date out there. Our team of researchers are busy scouring Australia for opportunities and spend many hours each week researching on your behalf.

But we know that each school is different, so you have the power to refine the items that appear in your Careers Newsletter, so students only see the information that’s relevant and engaging. It takes just a few minutes to choose your preferences, then we take care of the rest.

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