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Stay on top of everything...

Our Newsletters cover the key information you need on a regular basis, so that you can concentrate on supporting students while we deliver the news, Each week, our members receive three newsletters which keep them on top of every event and announcement they need to know about. 

We have a great track record for engaging students with the newsletters we send; in fact, we see thousands of students each week take action after reading our newsletters. We keep the news engaging, relevant, and short, and students and parents trust us to deliver the information they need. 

Guide and handbooks

All you need in the one place...

There are a number of key career-related topics students need to know about, so we bring all the details they need into the one place in our Guides and Handbooks. 

We know that students often struggle to find a place to start their search – they know what they want to do, but they don’t know how to get there. The guides we create walk students through the entire process, from working out if a career is right for them, to understanding the training, and eventually qualifying for the job. 

Research Reports


There is a scarcity of recent research which can be used to inform career education programs in Australia. As such, we conduct research projects to help us develop our programs, and we also make these Reports available for members and the wider career development community. 

Extra Features

Student Membership

Supporting your students

Every one of your students can access student membership as part of your school’s subscription. This means they can receive the student-friendly version of the newsletters and access all the guides on-demand through the website. 

Students manage their own accounts, and can control the newsletters they receive. Put the information they need in their hands, so you can focus on having quality career conversations with students. 

Careers Hub

School-branded Careers Websites

Many schools prefer to send their students and parents to one central place online for their careers program, which is why we’ve created the Careers Hub. The Hubs are constantly updated with our latest news and events, and fully maintained by us, so they work without you needing to lift a finger. 

online tools

Tools, tips, and resources to answer their questions

We’ve created a range of popular tools which your students can use to complete tasks or explore pathways. These include the Super Simple Resume Builder (which is incredibly simple and creates a polished resume even if the student has very little experience), the Subject Selection Calculator, the Gap Year Quiz, and more. 

Job Spotlights

Explore career options

Find over 100 in-depth Job Spotlights which bring all the details a student may need into the one page. Job Spotlights are easy to read, engaging, and designed to help students identify if the career path could suit them, and then gives them some next steps to take. 

You can share them with your entire student body, direct students to the database for career exploration, share specific Spotlights with students when they enquire about a particular career, and incorporate them into your lessons. We also create short videos to accompany each Job Spotlight, which you can show in class or share with students.


Work Experience

Search for opportunities

We’ve built the largest and most comprehensive database of work experience opportunities in Australia. Students can search for opportunities by location and industry and find the details they need to take the next step. 

If your students are required to complete work experience then you can use the database as part of your toolset to help students find suitable places. If you don’t have a formal work experience program you can direct students who are interested to the database to start the process for themselves.



Financial support for students

There are almost a thousand scholarships in our database, and we find new ones each week. You’ll find scholarships for academic achievers, community leaders, and sportspeople, as well as a huge number of equity and diversity scholarships.

You can use the database in lessons to motivate students and demonstrate the range and volume of available scholarships. Send students to the database if they ask you about scholarships, and share relevant scholarships with your students.

Skills Report

Discover their core skills

The Skills Report is a quick, 5-to-10 minute assessment tool which asks students a range of easy-to-answer questions about their accomplishments and activities. Once complete, they receive two reports – one which shows them how they rate for each of the ten Core Skills, which they can use as part of a resume, and another which goes into detail about each core area. 

It can be difficult to evaluate skills such as resilience without asking hypothetical questions or asking students to self-rate. Rather than rely on imperfect measurements, we align skills with activities students may have undertaken, then extrapolate their abilities from their accomplishments. 

Teacher resources

Engaging classroom activities

Create an engaging learning experience with our classroom activities and teacher resources. You can use these activities in career lessons, share them with other teachers, include them in homegroup programs, or for any other purpose you can think of. There are fun activities like career crosswords, writing prompt sheets, worksheets and more. 

Appointments system

Manage student appointments

Make it easy for students (and parents) to book a time to meet with you. If activated, your Appointments System will appear on your Careers Hub. Students don’t need to be logged in to book a time, and you’ll be able to manage your schedule from your Teacher Dashboard. 

Newsletter creator

Create school-branded newsletters

The majority of our schools now allow us to send out careers newsletters on their behalf to students, but if you want to create your own we’ve made that easy as well. The Newsletter Creator generates a professional newsletter every week, refined by the locations and topics you’ve chosen, and branded with your school’s logo and details. 

Once it’s been set up, all you need to do each week is download the newsletter then share through your preferred method. 

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