Vocational Education & Training

How to get started with an apprenticeship or traineeship so you can earn as you learn 

Learn and gain nationally recognised qualifications

VET providers, including TAFE and RTOs, operate across Australia and deliver highly transferable skills which can increase your employability.

The focus is on student success and practical training that is designed to prepare students for the workplace. Courses are developed in consultation with business and industry to ensure skills are relevant and in demand.

Hands on work that’ll keep you on your feet

Combines skills and knowledge

Start a career and build your experience

What’s the difference?

VET vs Uni


At University you learn theoretical knowledge and develop a broad understanding of topics. VET teaches you practical skills for a specific workplace.

For example, a Cert IV in Aged Care teaches all the skills you’d need to work in aged care (either in a client’s home or an aged care facility) and includes an element of work experience. You’ll graduate ready to work, with skills that are immediately useful to an employer.

After university many graduates undertake further training or internships to learn job-specific skills, so while their degree may take 3 or 4 years, it may actually be much longer than that before they are working effectively.

Most Australian universities will recognise your VET qualifications, and you can use them to gain credit towards further study. This will make it quicker for you to upskill in the future.

How to apply for an Apprenticeship or Traineeship?

If you’ve decided a VET pathway is a good idea for you then follow these steps to find and secure a position as an apprentice or trainee

step 1

What do you want to study?

Each course will lead you in a different direction. If you already know what you want to study, then you need to find a course in that Study Area, which you can do on your local training provider’s website.

If you don’t know what you want to do that’s ok – spend some time reading about various study areas, check out our careers pages and read some Job Spotlights.

step 2

Read the rules

When you apply you agree to adhere to student guidelines and pay certain fees, so it’s a good idea to read all the paperwork thoroughly before you commit to anything. If there’s something you’re not sure about just pick up the phone and call the training provider for an explanation.

Once you’ve enrolled you can’t just decide to not pay the fees – if you do it could stop you from doing any other training – make sure you’ve done your research.

step 3

How will you pay for it?

There is LOTS of financial support available for students, and many courses are free (or almost free) for school leavers. But before you apply, you need to know what funding support you are eligible for and how to make sure you get it.

Read the fee details in the course handbook, and if in doubt just check with the training provider before you apply.

step 3

Start your application

Once you’ve found the right course for you begin your application. Most applications can be completed online, but reach out to the course provider if you’d like more information or some help with your application. 

You may need forms or other documents through the process, but they will tell you what you need and how you need to submit it. Make sure you pay attention to any deadlines, or you may lose your spot.

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