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How to become an Event Planner

How to become an Event Planner

Event Planners are responsible for planning, organising, and overseeing a variety of events. This can include things like functions, conferences, parties, meetings, and much more. They usually work with a client to tailor their event exactly to the client’s vision. If you are outgoing and friendly, are organised and an excellent time manager, and love …

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How to become a Game Designer

How to become a Game Designer

Game Designers are responsible for creating, developing, and overseeing the progress of video games. They work with other team members to develop the game’s concepts, characters, story, gameplay, interfaces, and more. Game Designers usually choose to specialise in one particular area of development. If you love games and technology, have great problem solving skills, and …

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How to become a Tour Guide

How to become a Tour Guide

Tour Guides accompany groups of people or individuals on sightseeing, educational, historical, adventure, and other types of tours, walks and guides. It is their job to be knowledgeable about the place they are showing and answer any questions people might have. If you want a career that will keep you on your feet, are a …

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How to become a Butcher

How to become a Butcher

A Butcher’s main job is to cut and prepare meat and smallgoods for sale. They need to have excellent knowledge of an animal’s anatomy to ensure there is minimal wastage and be able to operate cutting and processing machines. If you have a passion for food, are prepared to work on your feet, and enjoy …

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How to become an Aeroplane Pilot

How to become an Aircraft Pilot

Aircraft Pilots operate planes in order to transport passengers and goods from one location to their destination. They may also provide agricultural, aerial surveillance, or other aviation services. If you are hard working and confident, are willing to work long hours away from home, and want a job that can take you anywhere in the …

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How to become a Mechanic

How to become a Mechanic

Mechanics use their skills and tools to repair and maintain vehicle engines and other related mechanical components. They can specialise to work on a variety of different vehicles, including cars, motorbikes, trucks, boats, and farm machinery. If you like working with your hands, are analytical and a great problem-solver, and want a job that will …

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How to become a Librarian

How to become a Librarian

Librarians develop and organise collections of information, such as books and electronic records. They assist people to help them find the information they are looking for. Librarians can work in a variety of settings, including public libraries, academic libraries, school libraries, and archives. If you are curious and inquisitive, have great organisational and communication skills, …

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How to become a Shearer

How to become a Shearer

Shearers use specialised tools to remove wool from livestock, such as sheep, goats, alpacas, and other animals. They need to know how to handle animals properly to minimise discomfort and shear wool in one clean piece. If you are fit and healthy, love to work with animals, and are prepared to live and work in …

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How to become a Joiner

How to become a Joiner

Joiners work with wood and other materials and cut, shape and fit parts. They create and repair fittings and structures ready for installation on-site. Joiners typically work in a workshop, as opposed to carpenters who build structures on-site. If you are hard-working, like to work with your hands, and are mathematically minded, becoming a Joiner …

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Robotic technology is in demand, and robots can be found everywhere from the international space station to modern factories, and even in science and exploration. A VET qualification or university degree is usually required for work in this industry.


Research, report, and write across any print, TV or digital media platform as a journalist. You could start your career as an intern or cadet, or study journalism at university.


There are thousands of roles in many different areas, but government roles can be exciting and give you the opportunity to serve your community. You could start with a traineeship with your local council, or study governance, politics or international relations at university.

Fire and Rescue

Each state has their own (very competitive) process: New South Wales – www.fire.nsw.gov.au/ Victoria- firefighter.vic.gov.au/ Queensland – www.qfes.qld.gov.au/employment/ ACT – esa.act.gov.au/join-us-careers/fire-rescue/firefighter-recruitment South Australia – iworkfor.sa.gov.au/iworkforsa/paths.php?path=fireandrescue Western Australia – www.dfes.wa.gov.au/careers/ Northern Territory – pfes.nt.gov.au/join-us/careers-firefighting Tasmania – recruitment.fire.tas.gov.au/

Property and Real Estate

To work in real estate you’ll need to take a short course and register in your state. You could also benefit from a course in sales and marketing, or can study property at university if you choose.


Work in school, community, university, or institutional libraries, and help people locate and use the information they need. Qualified librarians need a degree or diploma, but you could find a job as a library assistant to get started.

Workplace Training and Assessment

This field of adult education is growing, as organisations look to improve the way they onboard and upskill their staff. You will most likely need a VET or university qualification, depending on the field you want to work in.


Roles in this industry vary from highly specialised technical roles through to assembly-line production. While you can start in some roles with on the job training, look for manufacturing traineeships and consider upgrading your skills with engineering qualifications.

How to become a Farmer

How to become a Farmer

Farmers, also known as agriculturalists, manage their land and operations allowing them to raise livestock, grow crops, fruit, or vegetables, or provide other agricultural products. They’re often self-employed, as opposed to Farm Managers who do the same job but on behalf of land owners. If you love working outdoors and physical work, thrive on variety …

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Lab Technician

How to become a Lab Technician

Lab Technician roles can vary hugely depending on the industry and organisation you’re employed with. You could be carrying out tests and experiments, providing support and assisting with research and design, production or teaching. You might also be responsible for maintaining lab tools and equipment, recording data, setting up for experiments, or performing inspections of …

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How to become a Scrum Master

How to become a Scrum Master

Scrum Masters are important within Project Management teams who use “Scrum” frameworks when they’re working on complex projects that can change a lot during their progress (e.g. Agile Software Development). Scrum Masters manage communications between team members and departments, provide focus and clarity, and remove obstacles and distractions to ensure plans stay on track through …

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How to become a Salesperson

How to become a Salesperson

Vital for the growth of organisations, Salespeople increase revenue, help to drive and build brand reputation, develop strong long-term customer relationships, increase client loyalty and satisfaction. They are often trusted advisors as they have close connections to customers and can find out what they like or need or where services and products are failing. As …

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How to become a Photographer

Photographers are skilled, technical artists who are trained in the use of various kinds of equipment and techniques to produce high quality images of people, landscapes, animals, products, and other subjects. If you’re creative with a great eye for composition, and are prepared to put in long hours to obtain a single perfect image, this …

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How to become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants can provide all the services that an office assistant can, from clerical work to social media, marketing, web design and book work to name a few – the difference is they do all the work remotely. VAs are particularly in demand from online businesses, entrepreneurs and smaller or mid-size businesses who may not …

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How to become a Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is one of the oldest professions in the world. Put very simply, Bookkeepers help businesses keep track of money earned and spent by recording and monitoring daily transactions (not to be confused with accountants, who are qualified to provide more services). If you are meticulous, great at problem solving and love numbers, then this …

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How to become a Warehouse Worker

Warehouse workers perform a variety of jobs from receiving goods and raw materials, to moving them, storing them, checking and updating stock records for discrepancies and damage, writing reports and preparing goods for dispatch elsewhere. If you’ve got great customer service skills and you’re looking to work in a busy and varied environment, with plenty …

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How to become a Cartographer

Cartographers produce maps, charts and plans. From interactive maps to driving directions, they might be used by individuals, businesses, or specific industries (e.g. oceanographers or military). Although it might sound like a career from centuries gone by, cartographers are more in demand now than ever, and jobs are expected to increase over the coming years. …

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How to become a Food Technologist

How to become a Food Technologist

Food technologists are responsible for the research and development of new food and drink products. They also work to improve the quality of existing products, processes, packaging, storage, and safety of foodstuffs. If you’re a hands-on person, with plenty of patience and persistence, you’re knowledgeable about food and love science – this career could be right up your …

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How to become a Stock Trader

How to become a Stock Trader

Stock Traders (also known as Equity Traders and Stockbrokers), buy or sell stocks, shares, or other securities on the stock exchange on behalf of their clients. Traders use all the information available and speculate the optimum time to buy or sell a share. If you could sell ice to an Eskimo, have a good grip …

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