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Balancing Life Roles

Priority Management Resources

It’s essential that students learn how to balance their lives and manage their priorities so they can thrive and grow. Whether you’re looking for resources for dedicated Careers Lessons, or looking for resources to use with students individually, you’ll find quality information and lesson resources from our team here. 

Designed for Australian students, and aligned with the Cross-Curriculum Priorities of the Australian Curriculum, these resources will boost your careers program to the next level, and make it easy to structure engaging content. 

Teaching Resources

Reach Out Lesson: Managing Anxiety and Stress

We all experience anxiety and stress at some point in our lives. For some, it can be for a short amount of time, such as …

In-school Workshops for Students and Teachers

If you’re looking to boost your students’ engagement and knowledge, there are a whole host of companies that offer workshops and presentations that can be …

mental wellbeing apps for teens

7 mental wellbeing apps teens need to know about

Between study, work, friends and family, life can get pretty stressful. If there’s a lot going on, it’s important to make sure you’re doing ok …

How much homework should you be doing at high school?

How much homework should you be doing at high school?

Discussions about the merits of homework and how much or how little you should be doing have been raging for decades, but there is no …

How do you want to spend your time?

Spending your time doing the things you love   Unfortunately, there is only so much time a week to fill in with all the things …

Goal Setting – ‘why’ & ‘how’

Goal setting… Some of us love it, some of us would rather pull our own teeth out. Goals are important though. Nearly every successful person …

9 quick tips to make life at school easier in 2022

9 quick tips to make life at school easier in 2022

Already doing ok at school but want some hacks to make life easier? Maybe you’ve made a resolution to do better at school this year, …

The importance of rest

The importance of rest

The importance of rest   It’s been another huge year. We’ve all been through a lot, and it’s understandable if you’re feeling a bit worn …

new year resolution

6 New Year’s resolutions to inspire you

Traditionally the New Year is a time for reflection. What’s happened over the last year, good and bad. What would you do differently if you …

don't waste your summer holidays

Make the most of your summer holidays

It’s been a really long year, and your well-earned summer break is nearly here. You don’t need permission to relax, recover and recharge so that …

Hobbies to Help You Become More Productive

Most of think of hobbies as fun things we do to pass the time when we’re not at school or work. But did you know …

7 quick ways to wind down once school is over for 2020

7 quick ways to wind down once school is over for 2021

Not everyone can walk away from the end of a school year and get your head straight into holiday mode. If you’re one of those …

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