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Communication for the Workplace

Teach effective workplace communication skills

Students learn many crucial communication skills at school, but do they know how these skills will apply in the workplace? They’ll need adaptive skills that can suit a huge variety of possible future workplaces. 

Here you’ll find some great Australian Curriculum aligned resources to help you introduce workplace communication to your students, whether you’re looking for activities to integrate into your career lessons or content to embed in other subjects. 

Teaching Resources

Email etiquette

Email etiquette – why is it important?

In a world of emojis, abbreviations, and instant communication, we are all used to sending messages that are short, sharp and to the point. So …

The Benefits of Networking

Networking sounds daunting, so let’s break it down   “Networking” is a term you’ll probably hear a lot of through your life, but more so …

Teamwork and Collaboration

Teamwork and Collaboration

What does it mean?   Teamwork and Collaboration are soft skills that are highly sought after by employers. No matter which industry you work in …

Workplace Communication

Workplace Communication – what it is and why we need it

What is workplace communication?   Communication is the exchange of information and ideas. It’s going on every day, all around us. It’s also an essential …

Short Course in the Fundamentals of Communication with Grandshake

In this short, 40-minute microprogram you will learn verbal and non-verbal communication skills including how to be a better listener, mastering your first impression, the …

Writing Activities Study Work Grow

Career Lesson Writing Activities

We’ve put together a range of writing prompt worksheets for you to use with students in class. Use them to start a discussion amongst students, …

MyFuture – Resources for Teachers

MyFuture is a national career information service that helps guide young people towards their path to the future. They have a huge variety of resources …

The Impact of Social Media – an elite sport perspective to aid conversations with young people

Often parents, educators, coaches and business leaders share their deep concerns with us around the impact of social media on their children, students, players and …

Learn About Starting a New Job with FairWork

Starting a new job can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. If you’re feeling a bit worried or confused, the FairWork Ombudsman provides …

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