Teaching Resources

Preparing for Work

Support your students as they prepare to work

Students need to leave school with the skills and information they require to find and secure work, but this process can be tricky, and they need to know how to find jobs, apply for them, secure (and ace) an interview, then prepare for their first day. 

Here you’ll find some great Australian Curriculum aligned resources to help you prepare your students for work, whether you’re looking for activities to integrate into your career lessons or content to embed in other subjects.

Teaching Resources

6 steps for a successful first day at work

First day nerves?  The good news is we’ve all been there, and we’ve all made it through okay. Everyone understands how you’re feeling and nobody …

top interview tips

Our Top 5 Interview Tips

Are you ready for your next Big Interview?   You’ll probably have loads of interviews throughout your life; for jobs, internships, scholarships, placements in programs, …

Getting your first job

Getting your first job

Ready to enter the world of work   Are you ready to start working? If you’re keen to pick up your first job, we’ve got …

get experience in school

Don’t wait to finish school to get experience

Things you can do right now   You don’t need to sit around and wait until you’ve finished school to start getting experience, building skills, …

The Power of Planning and Organisation with Grandshake

Grandshake has released a brand new microprogram, designed specially for young people. This time they’re showing you how you can become a master of planning …

National Skills Commission NERO Data Dashboard

What is NERO?   The National Skills Commission (NSC) Nowcast of Employment by Region and Occupation (NERO) dashboard provides data on employment levels, both by …

Industry growth

Industry growth and how it affects your plans

We have a range of different industries in Australia, and they’re all different – while some industries focus on caring for our health, for example, …

Qualifications for my career

What qualifications will you need for your career?

Each job is different; some need lots of qualifications and years of training, and others just ask you to turn up on time. You need …

Changing work

The changing world of work

The world of work is changing. Not that long ago you could have expected to walk away from school into a job in a factory …

Summer Skills Program

Summer Skills is an initiative of NSW JobTrainer. It offers young people aged 16-24 the opportunity to upskill, prepare and get ahead through fee-free training …

Work for School Leavers with Disability

atWork Australia understands that the transition from school to work can be tricky. This is why they provide services and support for young people with …

Teamwork and Collaboration

Teamwork and Collaboration

What does it mean?   Teamwork and Collaboration are soft skills that are highly sought after by employers. No matter which industry you work in …

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