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World of Work Lesson Materials

Looking for lesson plans and teaching resources to use in your Careers lessons? Here you’ll find a range of resources aligned with the Australian Curriculum, and designed to help you teach students about the World of Work. 

Whether you’re teaching dedicated Career Lessons, or just looking for resources to embed in other subject lessons as part of the Cross Curriculum Priorities, you’ll find what you need here. 

Teaching Resources

What’s the difference between a career, a job, and work?

What’s the difference between a career, a job, and work?

Welcome to the first in our National Careers Week series – the theme for 2021 is “Career. More than just a job” and we’ve taken …

National Careers Week Information Sheets

National Careers Week have developed some great resources you can provide to students. They have created a variety of information sheets on different sections of …

Career Classroom Activities

Career Worksheet – World of Work Activities

These worksheets could help your students think about all of the different types of places that people work. They’ll need to think about the range …

Know Your Rights at Work

Keen to start your first job? Before you dive right in, there are some important things you should know first. The ACTU’s Worksite is packed …

Career Worksheet – Balance Activities

These worksheets are designed to get your students thinking about how they balance their priorities. They’ll be asked to think about the things that are …

FYA Worlds of Work

FYA’s Worlds of Work (WOW) is a free ​national initiative that equips young people with the enterprise skills and careers management skills to be prepared …

Busting Work Myths

Busting Work Myths

The working world is changing quickly, really quickly, and even though we spend a huge chunk of our lives working there are still many misconceptions …

Career Teaching Resources

Career Worksheet – A Work Day

This worksheet is designed to get your students thinking about what a real workday is like. They’ll draw on their own experiences of watching people …

Writing Activities Study Work Grow

Career Lesson Writing Activities

We’ve put together a range of writing prompt worksheets for you to use with students in class. Use them to start a discussion amongst students, …

Careers in Maths

A career in maths doesn’t just have to mean sitting at a desk crunching numbers. Maths is involved in almost every job out there in …

13 more unusual jobs you might not know exist

13 More Unusual Jobs you might not know exist

Some of the careers in this blog might lean more towards a bit weird more than just unusual. You never know what’s going to strike …

What it’s really like to be an Engineer

Are you thinking of studying engineering at university? Wonder what a day in the life of an engineer is really like? Deakin graduate and mechanical …

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