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The ultimate careers news service for high schools

Senior high school is a critical time for thousands of our young people each year – with choices made now that can affect where life takes them in the future.

Designed to give them knowledge of every great opportunity in their state and across Australia each week, Study Work Grow provides the news and events that keeps everyone up-to-date.

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As a Study Work Grow member, you can get our updates via email and our website, giving you the latest info from hundreds of different sources – so you can easily work out what you need to know (and save a huge amount of time too).

Careers Advisors

Designed primarily as a service for Careers Advisors (or similar role), a school membership provides a huge amount of information, tools and resources that empowers great post-school outcomes.

  • Weekly dedicated Careers Advisor news
  • Access for everyone at school (fully included)
  • FREE School Careers Website (valued at over $300 per year)

 “The Study Work Grow team is certainly producing some excellent resources, saving Careers Advisors a great deal of time!!…”

– Glenis Murphy, Careers Advisor, The Illawarra Grammar School, NSW

Parents & Students

You don’t have to be at a member school to get access to our weekly info and online career tools at Study Work Grow.

Get your personal membership and have everything you need to ensure you’re across the best university, private college and major employer news and events.

  • Weekly news updates via email and the web
  • Online Resume Builder, Gap Year Quiz, Scholarships Directory, University Entry Guides and more

“…the courses, competitions, scholarships etc helped me to motivate my children.  And there was information on some opportunities, workshops etc that a) we wouldn’t have known existed and b) broadened their horizons as to what they might consider doing next…”

– A. Dixon, Parent


We partner with and share valuable information from many key education and employment partners in Australia each week – find out how you can work with us to reach more potential students and candidates.

Join some of Australia’s top Universities, Tertiary Education Providers, Employers, and Study Assistance Providers and share your news and information with our members.

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