Money Matters

Read on to learn everything you need to know about managing your money and finding financial support

Learning how to handle your money makes good sense

You get a job for one core reason – because you need to earn money to pay for things.

​But that money won’t just take care of itself. To graduate from pocket-money territory you need to learn how to control and manage your finances, take care of your tax obligations, and prepare for future expenses.

At MHSCareers, we’re experts in Careers, not Finance. So while we provide some general advice and can point you in the direction of resources to help you come to grips with your money, you need to seek independent professional advice for any major decisions.

You’ll also find some advice here about finding financial support to help you study. There’s lots of support out there, including Government assistance, as well as scholarships, bursaries, awards and grants, all of which can reduce your financial burden and help you concentrate on your studies.


Learn how to build a budget, find a bank or credit union, and access your earnings


Superannuation is one big savings plan for your retirement, so get it right early on


Find scholarships, bursaries, cadetships and allowances that can cover part of all of the cost of your fees, accommodation, textbooks, uniforms, equipment and more


Your tax helps pay for schools, roads, hospitals, and more, and you need to make sure you meet your obligations

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