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How to become a Cosmetic Chemist

How to become a Cosmetic Chemist

Cosmetic Chemists are responsible for creating and formulating cosmetics and personal care products, such as makeup, soaps and cleansers, toothpaste, sunscreen, deodorant, hair dye, and more. They can be involved

Head On Photo Awards 2022

Entries for the Head On Student Awards 2022 are open to all Australian K-12 students. This is an excellent opportunity for art students to explore and innovate within the photographic

Documentaries for the Classroom

Documentary Australia have gathered a variety of recently released documentary films that have quality resources mapped to the Australian Curriculum. They’ve collated all the information you need to use these

ABC Education Mini Lessons

In these ten-minute lessons, Australian teachers teach fundamental skills in English, maths and science. These mini lessons are co-designed with teachers and produced with the support of Australian schools, the

The Breakthrough Junior Challenge

The Breakthrough Junior Challenge is an annual global competition for students to inspire creative thinking about science. Students ages 13 to 18 from countries across the globe are invited to

SKILL UP for your future with TasTAFE

There’s never been a better time to gain the skills you need for your future. SKILL UP courses enable you quickly upskill, reskill or gain new skills, ready to enter

BBA Photography Prize 2022

International open call to all photographers, above 18 years, all genders and nationalities. No restrictions on social, ethnic or educational background. So whether you are a seasoned fine art photographer

2022 Premier’s Coding Challenge

The Premier’s Coding Challenge is an annual state-wide initiative for all Queensland students in Year 3 to Year 10. The Premier’s Coding Challenge aims to encourage an interest in Science,

10 Famous People who took Gap Years

10 Famous People who took Gap Years

If you or your parents need some convincing that a gap year isn’t a bad thing, have a quick look at this list – it could help change your minds.

Apprenticeship pathways for students with a disability

Australian Apprenticeships & Traineeships Information Service (AATIS) in proud partnership with Melbourne Apprenticeship Disability Network (MADN) bring you a series of blog posts and resources to support those living with

World Ocean Day for Schools 2022

We’re on a mission to protect our ocean – and we need your help! We believe that you can be an ocean advocate no matter where you live. We’re expanding

My VET Journey

Vocational Education and Training (VET) opens doors to endless career opportunities. In this video, former VET students look back on their VET journey and how it shaped their successful careers.

High Resolves Program

High Resolves delivers citizenship education experiences that help students develop critical life skills. Educators can customise our learning programs to help students explore social responsibility, empathy and resilience, and learn

Careers in the Correctional Services

Careers in the Correctional Services

In Australia, the Correctional Services industry provides management and supervision of offenders in prisons, juvenile and immigration detention; as well as parole services. You’ve probably heard of Correctional Officers (or

Youth KSP Poetry Award

The KSP Writers’ Centre is proud to present this annual poetry competition for Australian writers, which is free for youth to enter thanks to sponsorship from the Shire of Mundaring.

Navigating Year 10 Subject Selection

Navigating Year 10 Subject Selection

If you’re planning to stay on in high school and complete Years 11 and 12, then Subject Selection is going to be an essential process that you’re going to have

$20 Boss Awards by Young Change Agents

From a social enterprise that recycles metal waste and turns it into stunning garden art. Or a business that sells jewellery made from repurposed cutlery and utensils – $20 Boss

Student Contribution Amount

What is a Student Contribution Amount?

Not too long ago, we wrote a blog explaining all about Commonwealth Supported Places (or CSPs). If you enrol in a degree with a CSP, the Government will cover some

How to become a Flight Attendant

How to become a Flight Attendant

Flight Attendants are the people responsible for passengers’ comfort and safety while onboard an aircraft. This can be a physically demanding job with a wide variety of responsibilities and tasks,

How to handle chaos in your career

How to handle chaos in your career

Welcome to the fourth article in our National Careers Week series – the theme for 2022 is “Career. More than just a job” and we’ve taken an in-depth look into

STELR Careers in STEM Webinars

Each week throughout Term 2, STELR is running a series of webinars featuring different careers in STEM. These webinars give students the opportunity to meet Australian scientists and engineers. These

Defence Civilian Undergraduate Sponsorship

The Department of Defence is offering sponsorships to students who have completed their secondary education and are interested in pursuing a degree as a civilian student on campus at the

Understanding Your Money Online Course

Understanding Your Money is a self-paced online course for high school students, offered as part of the University of Pennsylvania’s Global Youth Program. This course offers an introduction to fundamental

VEC professional development: Passport to Democracy

Join the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) for the Passport to Democracy Teacher Professional Learning event. This will be a FREE online and interactive masterclass, facilitated by trained educators for Victorian

The Parliament Prize 2022

A competition for Victorian school students, from Grade 5 to Year 12. What would you say to parliament if you were an MP? Record your own 90-second Member’s Statement telling

A letter to my Year 12 self

Wondering what it’s like to be a university student? Meet fourth-year Bachelor of Arts/Law student Jessie Xiao as she writes to her Year 12 self about all the experiences awaiting

What can you do with your Core Skills?

What can you do with your core skills?

Welcome to the third article in our National Careers Week series – the theme for 2022 is “Career. More than just a job” and we’ve taken an in-depth look into

The Aviation Careers Mentor Program

The Aviation Careers Mentor Program

Be inspired, take control and map your path to an exciting aviation career.    The Aviation Careers Mentor Program is open for applications now! The Program is designed to help

Volunteering – Where Can I Start?

If you’ve been thinking about volunteering, that’s great! There are heaps of places out there that are always looking for keen helpers, and many of them welcome volunteers from ages

Parents Mastering Careers Conversations

Parents are the key influencers when it comes to their child’s post school decisions, yet 80% feel they don’t have enough information to have the conversation. Parents Mastering Careers Conversations

From The Field Podcast

From The Field is a podcast series that takes you inside the Australian cotton industry. Cotton Australia talks to a wide variety of people working in the industry, giving you

Have you heard of Lifelong Learning?

Have you heard of lifelong learning?

Welcome to our National Careers Week series – the theme for 2022 is “Career. More than just a job” and we’ve taken an in-depth look into what your career actually

Jobs for people who love puzzles

Jobs for people who love puzzles

Puzzles can be toys, games, or problems that are designed to test your ingenuity. From jigsaw puzzles and computer games, to crosswords and sudoku, there are lots of different ways

Australian Consumer Law Teaching Resources

The ACL regulators recognise the importance of having confident young people who are aware of their consumer and financial rights. Through the early teaching of consumer and financial literacy, Australian

National Careers Week Activities Guide

NCW have created a brand new resource this year, packed full of activity ideas for students from years K-12 with ways to raise career awareness. Whether you’re a teacher, parent,

National Careers Week 2022

National Careers Week is back in 2022, running from 16 – 22 May. This year, the theme is “Career. It’s more than just a job”. Check out the events running

Who should go to open days

Who should go to open days

The short answer is everyone. Well that is to say anyone who is planning on a tertiary education (and that includes TAFE and VET of course). Perhaps you think that

7 ways volunteering could benefit you

Volunteering your precious free time to help worthy causes is a really noble undertaking. You won’t earn big bucks, but there are plenty of other ways that becoming a volunteer

How to become an Actuary

How to become an Actuary

Actuaries analyse a wide variety of data (including mathematical, statistical, demographic, economic, and more) in order to minimise risk when it comes to financial decision making. They can work in-house

Careers in Psychology

Careers in Psychology

Not sure what a career in Psychology is all about but intrigued by the idea? There are lots of fields of Psychology worth exploring, we’ve researched some of them.  

Climate Action Youth Design Challenge

Climate change impacts every country in the world – and it’s not just affecting the environment, it’s impacting people’s lives and destroying communities. The whole world is in a race

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