Air Force Familiarisation: RAAF Tindal

The Defence Work Experience Program aims to provide young men and women, between the age of 15 and 24, with exposure to various skills, trades and life-style experiences.

The program provides a hands-on, risk-free experience, which will showcase the range of career opportunities available within the Royal Australian Air Force.

Students will visit and/or receive presentations from a number of units/areas which may include security police, military working dogs, logistics, mechanical workshops, ground defence, air traffic control, flying squadrons, medical centre, catering, air movements, physical training section and Defence Force Recruiting.

Students will have the opportunity to speak with air force personnel from a range of areas to gain information about their roles, careers and experiences in Defence.

The placement will run from 20 – 22 September 2022.

Applications close 7 August.

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