Air Force Women in Aviation Program – RAAF Edinburgh

Being a part of the Officer Aviation group in the Air Force is one of the most demanding, exclusive and sought after jobs in the world. Experience a taste of life as an Air Force Fast Jet Pilot (FJP), Fix Winged Pilot (FWP), Mission Crew, Weapon System Officer (WSO), Maritime Patrol and Response Officer (MRPO), Air Battle Managers (ABM) and Air Traffic Controller (ATC). The program is a four day residential program designed to showcase the diverse activities aimed solely at young women who have an interest in flying and aviation.

Held at RAAF Base Edinburgh, the program is designed to give participants a comprehensive overview of life in the Air Force, particularly as a pilot. The program may include; flying in an Air Force flight simulator (SIM) and ATC SIM, and observing actual squadron operations. Serving Air Force pilots, ACO and ATC members will talk about their roles and personal experiences and what motivated them to become part of the Air Force Officer Aviation group. As well, you will experience weapons familiarisation, physical training, leadership activities and supervised social events with female officers and mentors.

The program will run 14 – 18 August 2022.

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