Army Careers Familiarisation Program, NT

Army Careers Familiarisation Program, NT





Police & ADF


Work Experience - High School


19 October 2019

This placement will be conducted over five days on Robertson Barracks and will expose students to all jobs and trades available in the Army. It will take place from Monday 21 to Friday 25 October.

Students will be welcomed by Brigade Headquarters Staff who will explain the role of the Brigade and its structure.

  • 1 Combat Service Support Battalion (1 CSSB) will show what is required to logistically support and supply the brigade including mechanics, truck drivers and storemen.
  • The Fifth Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment (5RAR) will lead students in combat focussed physical training before showing the multitude of weapons and equipment employed by the infantry.
  • 1 Combat Signals Regiment (1 CSR) will conduct physical training with students before challenging their minds on some of the radio and communications equipment employed by the unit.
  • 1st Aviation Regiment (1 AVN) students will see helicopters and meet their ground support crews.
  • 1 Combat Engineer Regiment (1 CER) is responsible for building structures including bridges and obstacles in combat environments as well as breaking through them in offensive operations. Students can expect to experience (amongst other things) mine clearance activities and heavy plant equipment.
  • 8/12 Regiment, 1st Brigade’s Artillery Regiment will host students and expose them to the howitzer and operations of a gun line, artillery command post and forward observers who are responsible for calling and adjusting artillery.

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