BlueZone Year 10 Work Experience Program

Our Year 10 Work Experience program is based around the “Build Your Own Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)” Project. In this project you will work in our Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) Support Facility alongside experienced technicians and engineers. Our team will guide you and support you to complete your project leading to the final test – a swim test in our 8-meter diameter x 5-metre deep and 250,000-litre test tank. During your work experience the regular activities of our workshop will be underway all around you and you may get to see a Navy ROV under test before or after a major service activity.

The work for the Build Your Own ROV project is hands-on electronics assembly and test and will involve electrical soldering.

We run our work experience for one week in Term 2 and one week on Term 3 on a “first-in” basis. We limit the places in each week to 3 people as our work experience is conducted in a workshop environment and we need to ensure that we can properly supervise and assist you.

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