CSIRO Virtual Work Experience Opportunities

Are you a high school student in Year 10 or 11? You could gain first-hand experience of CSIRO’s research in science or engineering by participating in our 2022 Virtual Work Experience Program.

In 2022, the CSIRO virtual work experience program will support students to undertake work experience remotely, providing opportunities for those who may face geographic or other barriers to participating in traditional work experience. It also allows you the opportunity to experience contemporary ways of working, from home, and with people across geographic boundaries, just as CSIRO scientists do every day.

To be eligible to do virtual work experience with CSIRO, students must be:

  • in year 10 or 11, and aged 15-17 years for the duration of the work experience
  • enrolled in a school in Australia
  • able to commit to a designated week between July and December 2022
  • be supported by a teacher, parent or other approved adult in their physical location throughout their work experience project.

Applications close Thursday 7 July.

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