Projects Abroad Medical Work Experience for Year 10 and 11 Students

Projects Abroad understand that getting medical work experience as a student can be extremely difficult. They offer young people from secondary and senior secondary school a safe, guided experience into the world of medicine through our High School Special Projects.

The medical internships abroad for high school students focus on experiential education, so you learn by doing. You can expect to:

  • Shadow doctors and other medical professionals in busy hospitals and clinics
  • Attend medical workshops and seminars
  • Get first-hand insight into the healthcare challenges people face everyday
  • Participate in community healthcare outreaches that serve people in need
  • Learn essential medical skills like measuring blood pressure and blood sugar levels

You’ll be part of an ethical medical project that benefits local communities. Furthermore, you’ll actively demonstrate your commitment to healthcare and helping people, which will help your university application stand out from the crowd!

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