Ready! Work Experience with Animal Logic Studios

Ready! Work Experience with Animal Logic Studios

Animal Logic




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Work Experience - High School

Animal Logic is recognised as one of the world’s leading independent creative digital studios, producing award winning design, visual effects and animation for over 25 years.

If you are interested in work experience at Animal Logic Studios, you can apply to be part of our ‘Ready! Work Experience Week’. Currently we host work experience in our Sydney Studio for senior High School students.

During the week you will tour the Animal Logic Studio, meet and learn from artists, technicians and software developers from the various disciplines within the company and be challenged with hands on activities in our dedicated training space. You will have the opportunity to use industry standard software and see how these skills are applied to tell great stories with amazing visuals.

Ready! Work Experience Week is hosted twice a year in our Sydney Studio. Dates are yet to be determined, however they are most likely to be in the months of June and November.

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