Work Experience with City of Armadale

The City of Armadale appreciates the contributions it can make to support education and development within its community and the future workforce.

The City offers work experience opportunities to eligible students across a variety of departments. However, we can only offer students unpaid work experience placements when you are enrolled in a recognised training program (such as a high school, TAFE or University) and it is a requirement of this program to undertake a professional placement.

To participate in a work experience placement you need to:

  • Be enrolled in a recognised training program (for example a secondary or tertiary student).
  • Be required to complete relevant nominal hours of practical experience as part of your study or training program (You must be able to provide enrolment details outlining this requirement).
  • Have a specific work area in mind which should match your area of study and/or career pathway.
  • Have a specific timeframe you need to be placed for.
  • Be provided with insurance coverage by your educational institution.
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