Work Experience with Ipswich City Council

Are you currently studying and need to gain experience in the workforce? Ipswich City Council recognises the importance of providing meaningful work experience to students of educational institutions such as high schools, universities and other recognised courses of study.

The objective of work experience is to enable participants to gain an understanding of the particular occupational area in which they are placed and to gain experience being part of a large and diverse organisation. Council is committed to supporting as many placements as possible.

Applications can be made in a wide range of professional, technical, administrative, outdoor and trade areas. However, due to operational requirements and sometimes high demand for placements, not all requests can be accepted. In the event that Council receives more work experience requests than can be placed, preference will be given to those schools and institutions within the Ipswich Council area and to students residing within the area.

All work experience placements are unpaid and must be covered by public liability insurance (covered by the relevant high school, University, TAFE or participating organisation).

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