Early Entry Handbook 2022

Want to know what course you could be studying at Uni next year? Looking for a printed guide you can read and make notes in? 

Studying in Year 12 can be challenging, with lots of distractions like formals, exams and ATARs.

But wondering what course you’re going to get into at Uni next year shouldn’t be one of them.

That’s why applying through an Early Entry program can help, by keeping you focussed on your current studies, while knowing that you’ve got an offer (or conditional offer) for university next year.

You could spend the next three days looking through page after page of confusing course websites, or you could just order the early Entry Handbook from Study Work Grow.

Delivered FREE to your door, the comprehensive University Early Entry Handbook + Programs Guide 2022 will help you:

  • Find an early entry pathway at every participating Australian university
  • Discover what each program offers and any application requirements
  • Understand what you need to have achieved to apply (or what to aim for in your Year 12 results)
  • Apply, or prepare to apply early so that you can focus on your studies

University Early Entry Programs take students based on their skills, attributes and experiences, not just your ATAR.  This means the university has more control over who is admitted to their programs, and in return you can get a place without needing to rely on (or wait for) your ATAR.

Only around 1 in 4 people get into uni based solely on their ATAR – everyone else uses a combination of other experience, external test results, interviews and references to get a spot.

So the Early Entry Guide is a great way to find out all of the options available to you.

Our research team has spent over 60 hours researching, verifying and compiling information from every participating Australian university. All you need to do is order the handbook and guide pack (we’ll post it for free to you) and prepare to apply for 2022.

Get the PRINTED HANDBOOK & PROGRAMS EDITION with FREE POSTAGE NOW by clicking ‘add to cart’ below.

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