Entry to Law PDF Guide

Thinking of becoming a Lawyer?

The path to becoming a lawyer (solicitor) in Australia can be complex; so the research team at Study Work Grow have found all the information you need to discover the right pathway for you, as well as how to apply.

In this instant download PDF guide you’ll discover:

  • What a career in law is like
  • Pathways to becoming a lawyer in Australia
  • The Admissions Process and how to apply
  • Law Programs (Courses) available in Australia in 2022

If you’re thinking of fighting for people and principles, then a career in law could be for you. Get the info you need to head towards your career in law today with this 25 page PDF guide.


Why this guide? Study Work Grow is an Australian careers and educational research company that helps Students, Teachers and Parents to navigate the complex world of post-school transitions. Most of our ‘Entry To’ guides like this one take between 40 and 60 hours of research to compile – so you can have all of the options in one place to compare. We hope it helps you discover a rewarding career.

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