Entry to Medicine Handbook



Dreaming of becoming a doctor?

Applying for Medicine is a highly competitive and complex process.

This printed handbook contains much more than the information in the PDF Guide – it’s designed to give you the information you need and walk you through the process of finding a Medical School, so you can commence your career with confidence.

Delivered via Australia Post and printed on premium semi-gloss stock, it’s a complete reference guide to becoming a doctor in Australia.

In this Handbook we cover:

  • Every medical program in Australia for school-leavers and career changers
  • Prompts to help you decide if Medicine is right for you
  • Entry requirements, expected ATARs and prerequisite subjects
  • Alternative pathways to help you build a solid Plan B
  • Track the entire application process with checklists and action-points
  • A plain-English guide to fees and medical places, including Bonded Places
  • The application process and what you can expect
  • Shipping to Australian addresses is included
  • Bulk packs available for schools and groups

$29.00 inc GST

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