Entry to Nursing Handbook



Thinking of becoming a Nurse?

If you love helping people and have a passion for healthcare, then this is the career for you.
Nursing is one of the most respected jobs in the world, with work and advancement opportunities no matter where you go. From child and remote healthcare with the RFDS, to anaesthesia nursing and midwifery in the big capital cities, there’s always work to be found.
In this detailed Handbook, you can discover all of the pathways to get into your choice of nursing qualification, including:
  • Pathways to becoming an Enrolled Nurse
  • List of Diploma Programs and locations
  • Pathways to becoming a Registered Nurse (Bachelor of Nursing)
  • Entry requirements, expected ATARs and any prerequisite subjects
  • Undergraduate university options for each state and territory

Unlike the Digital PDF Guide, this Handbook takes a more detailed look at Nursing as a career, with information about the pathways available, what nursing could be like as a career for you, the registration process and much more. Plus it has questions you can answer and plenty of space for note-taking.

With an ageing population and worldwide healthcare challenges, the world needs more wonderful nurses. Will you be the next one to apply? Find out if it’s the career for you with the Entry to Nursing Handbook from Study Work Grow.

Includes FREE Postage Australia-wide.


Why this Handbook? Study Work Grow is an Australian careers and educational research company that helps Students, Teachers and Parents to navigate the complex world of post-school transitions. Most of our ‘Entry To’ guides like this one take between 40 and 60 hours of research to compile – so you can have all of the options in one place to compare. We hope it helps you to discover a rewarding career.

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