Gap Year Guide 2022


What will you do after school this year?

Discover a whole world of Gap Year options for 2022 in this new Study Work Grow PDF Guide.

Learn some new skills, live in some new places, make new friends and experience what life outside school is like.

In this easy-to-read guide, you’ll find everything you need to consider, plan, and go on your perfect Gap Year in 2022. We know that COVID-19 is making it difficult to do a lot of things that students back in 2019 or earlier got to do, but you’ll be surprised to find that there’s still overseas opportunities for a Gap Year – even in the UK and NZ.

The 2022 guide covers:

  • Is a Gap Year right for you?
  • Steps to planning a Gap Year
  • Overseas Gap Years
  • Working Gap Years
  • Volunteering Gap Years
  • Learning Gap Years
  • Finances, COVID and much more

Download it today and start planning your exciting 2022 – here in Australia, or overseas.

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