Job Spotlight Digital Posters – Pack Two

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“…a great way for students to start the week. I love the video and the one question for discussion – just brilliant.”
Juliana Dignam – Leader of Learning Careers/VETSt Edward’s College, NSW


Spark career inspiration with our new range of Job Spotlight Careers Posters

Careers are often ‘out of sight, out of mind’ – so get your students thinking, dreaming, and planning their way towards a career they’ll love with our job spotlight career posters.

Beautifully designed in high-resolution digital format, they’re a fabulous way to put careers in front of students where they’ll see them. Just like all of our other resources, these career profiles are a mix of different careers, including those that require university, VET, or on-the-job training; as it’s all about widening student’s exposure to the possibilities so they make better choices.


Pack Two features the following jobs:

  • Meteorologist
  • Early Childhood Educator
  • Tennis Pro
  • Journalist
  • Interpreter
  • Architect
  • Zookeeper
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Engineer
  • Brewer


How to make the most of your Careers Posters:

As these are digital, you can display them on screens around school, at Year 10 Assembly, or at your information sessions. You are permitted to use them as you wish within your school setting, just not on social media, or viewable on your public website.


How do I get them?

Simply purchase online and we’ll provide you with a download link in a Zip File. Are you a Trial, Standard, or Ponder Member school? LOG IN FIRST – and you’ll automatically get 10% off.


Like more than one set of Careers Posters?

Some career educators and guidance officers have bought multiple sets for their school campus at a time, or added other posters from our range to complement these. We have printed Job Spotlights Poster Packs available in stunning A3 portrait size, on high-quality poster stock to stick up around your school and study areas. Supplies are limited though – get yours today before they run out.

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