Job Spotlights - Health Pack

Thinking of a career in Healthcare? 

Our Health Job Spotlights pack gives you five (5) job descriptions in an easy-to-read format for students considering a role as a:

  • Medical Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Music Therapist
  • Pharmacist
  • Occupational Therapist

They’re a short, informative way of prompting career discussion for both individual students as well as an in-class activity. Each info-packed, 8-page Job Spotlight contains:

  • Job Overview
  • Salary, Industry Outlook, Core Skills Required
  • Job Expectations & About the Role
  • How to get into the job, Training and Qualifications
  • Next Steps

All are printed on premium heavyweight paper stock and are A4 sized (A3 size spread when opened). With free Australia-wide delivery to your school, they’re the perfect item to have in your careers office or to add to your school library resources.

Bundle packs of Job Spotlights are also available – it’s a great way to build your library and save $$$

These Job Spotlights are ONLY AVAILABLE AS PRINTED BOOKLETS – there are no PDF versions available.


WAIT!  This pack is part of a bundle – get 3 Job Spotlight Packs (Tech, Design, and Health), and save over $25. Click here for the Bundle. School Members save even more – see our school trial page here first if you’re not a member.

$28.50 inc GST

Availability: In stock

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